Zombie Prom Fundraiser

Another unique fun fundraising idea is doing a Zombie Prom fundraiser to raise money. This zombie party idea works well for small groups like college clubs, fraternities, sororities, teen groups, sports teams, Relay For Life teams, or any other group that wants to have great time while raising funds for their cause.

A Zombie Prom is fairly easy to put together because its so much fun that everybody will want to attend. Just like a regular prom, you want a large space with plenty of room for music, dancing, refreshments and everyone lurching about in full zombie mode.

So, how do you raise money from a gathering together a bunch of zombies in semi-formal attire? Pretty much the same way that you do with any other fun fundraising event!

Zombie Prom Fundraising

Here’s a list of ways to fundraise with your Zombie Prom:

  1. Ticket sales
  2. T-shirt sales
  3. Raffles
  4. Silent auction
  5. Live auction
  6. Food & drink sales
  7. Contests
  8. Photo booth
  9. Sponsorships

Let’s take a look at some of these zombie party fundraising ideas for insights on what will raise the most money.

Ticket Sales – Some groups like the one in the poster like to keep ticket prices low for their fundraising event, usually thinking that a lower entry price will mean a bigger crowd. You’ll actually be able to raise more money with a higher ticket price (within reason) because you can include things like raffles and door prize drawing within the ticket price. Plus, a higher ticket price will give a small group a little more operating capital for staging the fundraiser event.

Work with local businesses to put event posters in their windows and let them sell tickets to their customers for a portion of the sale price. For larger events, use an online ticket sales service like EventBrite.com.

T-shirt Sales – Everyone is going to want a souvenir t-shirt from the Zombie Prom. Obviously, you’ll want women’s t-shirts as well as one for men. If the event is your first zombie party, then feature it as the 1st Annual Zombie Prom because its great advertising for next year’s fundraiser. The more creative your artwork, the more t-shirts you’ll sell. You can also publicize your event in advance by offering the t-shirts for sale through local businesses.

Raffles – Fundraising raffles are a great way to raise money fast at any event or large gathering. As mentioned above, include some form of raffle in the ticket price to help justify the higher admission cost.

It can be a simple door prize raffle or a cash raffle where 50% of the raffle portion of the ticket price gets divided among three winners. For example: a cash raffle component of $10 more in the ticket price would generate $1,000 more for every 100 tickets sold. With 50% of that going to prize money, that means your group just raised an extra $500 for your cause.

You can also sell raffle chances separately from the admission tickets, even if the tickets already include raffle component. With this extra raffle, you’d want to sell raffle chances in advance through the local businesses that you’ve partnered with and also through direct sales by group members. Raffles work great for things like cash prizes, electronics like flat screen TVs, vacation trips and other luxury items with widespread appeal. Make sure you use tear-off raffle tickets where the retained portion has space for the buyer’s name and phone number because these raffles work best if people don’t have to be present to win.

Silent Auction – Silent auctions are usually one of the biggest moneymakers at any fundraising event. The hard part is getting enough high-quality items donated to raise funds. To get more donations, you have to use a win/win approach, i.e., explaining it your value proposition to a business owner in terms of “What’s in it for me?”.

One good way to have high-ticket items for your silent auctions without any upfront cost is to use a service that provides signed sports memorabilia like CharityFundraisingPackages.com or another service called FundraisingRides.org that provides hot air balloon ride packages at 200 cities across the U.S. You only pay for the items that sell and of course, you’ve already collected that cost plus the extra funds you’ve raised for your cause. Now that’s a win/win fundraising proposition.

Also, because the topic of silent auctions is so broad, please read more about how to do yours the right way in this article called 10 Silent Auction Ideas For Extra Profits.

Live Auction – Use live auctions at fundraiser events where you draw a couple hundred people because the live auction will keep people involved in the fundraising aspect of the event. Plus, the auctioneer can call attention periodically to your silent auction items. Using a professional auctioneer can easily double or triple your fundraising results.

Food & Drink Sales – Providing food and refreshments at your event is another easy way to raise money. If its notable food such as a Taste Of The Town and you don’t want to charge for it at the event, then include it in the ticket price. Beer and wine sales or having a cash bar is another easy event fundraiser that only takes a little effort to put together.

Contests – Zombie party events are prime candidates for eating contest revolving around weird foods. Make money by charging an entrance fee for the contest. Add to the fun atmosphere of your event with a best costume contest. Its ale=ways a good idea to have multiple categories so there are lots of winners.

Photo Booth – Everyone enjoys getting their picture taken when they are all dressed up and zombies are no exception. You can rent a photo booth and position it prominently by the entrance or the food & beverage area for people to pay to have individual and group photos taken in the booth. You can also hire a professional photographer to take photo packages for a fee and do a revenue split to aid your cause.

Sponsorships – Getting corporate sponsorships is another great way to raise even more money at your event. There are certain techniques you should use when approaching businesses for sponsorships such as professional marketing proposals showing group demographics and how sponsoring your event will help the company market their brand to your supporters. For more information on this important fundraising method, read this article on How To Get Corporate Sponsorships.

And those are some of the best fundraising ideas for raising money with a Zombie Prom fundraiser. You can also do a similar fundraiser event using a Zombie Party theme or even a Zombie Fun Run.