Zombie Fun Run

A fun fundraising event generates great word-of-mouth and a Zombie Fun Run is just the kind of event that everybody loves talking about! This is an easy fundraiser event idea for small groups, college fraternities, Relay For Life teams, or any other group looking to provide a fun time for all.

Zombie Fun Run fundraiser

Another important aspect of a Zombie Fun Run is that its not how fast you get to the finish line, its how fashionably zombie you are on the way there. So, forget about all the usual 5k race worries and just focus on making your event the most fun possible.

Zombie Fun Run Tips

  1. Costume Contest – Offer prizes for Best Costume in multiple categories (single, group, male, female, age range, corporate teams, etc.) and an overall Top Zombie award.
  2. Corporate Sponsorships – This is your biggest fundraising opportunity and also your biggest challenge. Offer sponsors prominent placements of corporate logos and ask for executive involvement  in areas like judging & awarding prizes, mentoring, team lead, etc. Start area and finish line area are the two premier sponsorships.
  3. Social Media – Go all out with a social media blitz well ahead of your event. Get a catchy slogan and graphics along with some fun zombie pics and launch a viral campaign blitz. Ask everyone who signs up to retweet, like, stumble, blog, and text their zombie brains out to promote your zombie fundraiser event.
  4. After Party – One word…wait for it…LEGENDARY! Depending on your venue, deliver a top notch time with live music, beer tasting, zombie food competitions (chili fingers anyone?), eating contests, Date-A-Zombie bachelor/bachelorette date auction, photo booth, an I Dream Of Zombie beauty pageant (Miss Drop Dead Gorgeous), and anything else you can think of that’s fun and fits well. You can even have a zombie dog show or zombie karaoke.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your thinking cap on and start planning your own legendary Zombie Fun Run!