Youth Sports Fundraising Events

If your youth sports group is tired of selling fundraising candy, check out these fundraising event ideas for youth sports teams. These fundraising events are fairly easy to do and will raise a lot more money than product sales.

Youth sports fundraising events raise money fast

You can also do multiple events at different times of the year to get your sports association well funded and well equipped. The best events to do are those that are lots of fun because those are the types of events that will draw large crowds.

Youth Sports Fundraising Events

Cookoff Fundraising Events

  1. Chili Cookoff – Hottest to the nottest. Who’s got the winning blend?
  2. Barbecue Fundraiser – Best barbecued ribs, chopped meat, sauces, etc.
  3. Coaches Cookoff – Youth sports coaches comepete with their best recipes.
  4. Cake-A-Palooza – Battle of the cakes (and cupcakes) for top prizes.
  5. Shrimp Boil –

Fundraising Contests

  1. Hunger Games – Costumed contestants compete by eating weird foods, archery, obstacle course and skills test.
  2. Ninja Challenge – The ultimate obstacle course and skills test challenge.
  3. Sports Skills Contest – Gear your sports fundraising event around best skills for your sport.
  4. World Record Attempt – Go after a goofy world record because just trying draws big crowds.
  5. Zombie Fun Run – The Zombie apocalypse is upon us and it’s loads of fun!

Sports Fundraiser Events

  1. Golf Tournament – Always popular and a great parent/child fun event.
  2. Miniature Golf Tournament – Kids love this and there’s no pressure, just fun.
  3. Dodgeball Tournament – Older kids (and adults) cut loose with some combat moves.
  4. Basketball Tournament – Hoops tournaments are always popular.
  5. Bowling Tournament – Great indoors fun for the whole family.

 Family Fun Fundraisers

  1. Beach Party – Infinitely adaptable and always fun.
  2. Cow Pie Bingo – Big raffle for where the cow pie drops, plus food, music and games.
  3. Rubber Duck Race – These events can raise significantly into five or even six figures.
  4. Food Truck Competition – Battle of the food trucks. Just add fun activities to keep people around.
  5. Spring Fest, Summer Fest, etc. – Seasonal celebration can be as large as you want it to be. Informal to elegant.

Profit Tips For Fundraising Events

  1. Ticket Sales – Charge admission for the event and sell advance tickets at a discount to commit people to attending.
  2. Raffles – Use multiple raffles at different price points and offer a raffle ticket bundle at a discounted price.
  3. Silent Auction – A must at every fundraising event to raise more money.
  4. Live Auction – Big events should always have a live auction to focus the crowd.
  5. Live Music – Having live music gets people to stay longer and have more fun.
  6. Celebrity Judges – Get local media folks as judges because they help draw a good-sized crowd.
  7. Food & Drink Sales – Use tickets for food & drink sales. Include a starter pack with admission ticket.

Hope this group of youth sports fundraising event ideas helps your group totally blow away your previous best fundraiser results!