Youth Group Fundraising

Looking for tips on doing some low-cost youth group fundraising? When you’re planning a fundraiser for your youth group, some considerations come to mind. The size of your group is an important factor, as well as the season in which you plan to raise money.

Here are some ideas that can be used most any time of year and will provide a fun, safe environment for the kids.

Low-cost Youth Group Fundraisers

Board Game Night

Kids love to gather with their friends, so why not turn a youth group gathering into a fundraiser? Plan a board game night on a Friday if it’s during the school year, or anytime during school breaks depending on best availability.

Have families lend board games from home that are appropriate to the age group. A game that does not take too long to play works best since you want each child to play as many games as possible.

Each game costs a dollar to play. For younger age groups, small donated toys can be used as prizes for each game. Don’t use anything very costly that cuts into your profits.

For older age groups, play rounds of games tournament style with a few surviving winners at the end of the evening. A playoff is exciting for the whole crowd.

A prize for the final winner could be something as simple as a gift certificate to a local ice cream parlor, or a larger prize donated by a local business.

This can be an ongoing fundraiser done once a month or once a quarter. Once the word gets out, this will be the happening thing for the entire group.

Fifty Fifty Raffle

Most people are familiar with the fifty-fifty raffle. It is commonly used at youth sports events for a good reason. It’s a great way to raise money and requires little planning.

Two part, tear-off style tickets can be purchased by the roll from most party or paper supply stores for a nominal price. Sell each raffle ticket for about a dollar each.

At the end of the event, draw a number and call it out to the crowd. The winner gets half of the proceeds, the youth group gets the other half.

Have one volunteer sell tickets at the raffle table in a centralized location, and another volunteer to work the crowd. Most of your church community will gladly participate and you’ll find your youth group funds grow over time.

This can also be used as an ongoing fundraiser. Have a 50 – 50 raffle at nearly every church gathering to benefit the youth group. Worship service should be excluded for this type of fundraising.

Many winners will donate all or a portion of their winnings back to the youth group. Be sure to mention the generous donation in the newsletter. The reason is obvious!

Video Game Tournament

You can easily put together a video game tournament as a fundraiser. Obviously, you’ll need plenty of game consoles and TV sets, but those are pretty easy to line up.

You can do a tournament bracket and have elimination matches leading up to a championship showdown. Or, you can have high score contests where players can keep trying to outdo the record right up until the final bell.

There are many ways to make money such as with silent auctions of donated goods and services. Look for sponsors among video game retailers ad youth-oriented businesses.

You can also sell food and drinks, conduct a raffle, charge admission to spectators, charge by the game or just collect an entry fee to cover all games played.

Fundraising for youth groups does not have to be tedious. Use these simple ideas instead of or in addition to your usual youth group fundraising activities.