Yard Sale Fundraiser Tips

Planning a yard sale fundraiser? Here are some detailed yard sale tips on how to have a successful one. You’ll need to focus on two areas: getting things to sell and getting people to your sale.

How To Have A Successful Yard Sale

Pick a Saturday and select a high-traffic location for your sale where lots of people will see your signage, such as a school or church parking lot that’s on a busy street. Then, it’s time to get to work.

Getting Things To Sell

The best way to get plenty of things to sell at your yard sale is to get the word out to friends, neighbors and supporters. Tell them why you are raising funds, what you will do with the money raised, and what type of items to donate.

Most people have items tucked away in their attics, storage spaces or garage that they don’t need any longer. Sometimes they are hanging on to them for sentimental reasons, but oftentimes the items are too nice to just throw away yet aren’t worth enough to sell individually.

Make it easy for people donate by providing a drop-off location for several days before the sale is to take place. You can also increase donations by offering a pickup service for larger items or for a large quantity of items.

Electronics items are always good sellers at yard sales as are furniture that is in decent shape, along with various tools, clothing, paintings and household items.

Pricing hundreds of items for a massive yard sale can be a lot of work, so work smart. Group items by price ranges by placing things in distinct areas such as dollar items, the five & dime group ($5 to $10), nice things ($10 to $25), and then feature prominently the more expensive items where they’ll be visible from the street to passersby.

You can also group things like yard items or furniture together, but remember to segment them by price so that your volunteers know what to charge for each item without having to ask others.

Of course, to get lots of prospective customers, you have to get the word out.

Getting People To Your Yard Sale

Getting lots of publicity is always a must for a successful event. Submit details to local media outlets like newspapers and radio stations well in advance of the sales date.

You can place yard sale ads in the local classifieds or on Craigslist. You can also post flyers on grocery store bulletin boards and other places where people place community notices.

Use online media as well to promote your event to a wider audience. If your group has a Facebook page, be sure to prominently feature the details about your fundraising event. You can even include photos of items that will be up for sale.

Have a large sign up at the sale location that can be read from passing cars. That means using very few words with really big letters plus the date. Using too many words or too small letters means no one will be able to read the sign as they drive by.

Street signs pointing toward the yard sale location will also help direct bargain hunters that are already out and about on Saturday morning pursuing bargains at other yard sales.

Be sure to have lots of volunteers on hand for the early morning rush because many bargain hunters like to be the first ones to pick through what you have to offer.

Providing coffee and donuts can also be a good move as it gives people a reason to linger longer while perusing your inventory. If needed, you can also charge a small amount to cover the expense.

Folks like to dicker on price at yard sales, so be open to negotiation. Sometimes you can respond to a lowball offer with a counteroffer to pay the requested price, but select an additional item or two from a low cost category such as books or dishes. That helps to keep your revenue line up while moving more of the slow-moving items.

Make the most your yard sale fundraiser and remember to keep it fun!