U.S. Worst Charities List 2013

A list of the worst charities to donate to in 2013 compiled by CNN, the Tampa Bay Times, and the Center for Investigative Reporting. The worst U.S. charities list is based on factors such as the percentage of funds raised that was paid to telemarketing firms, how much was paid in executive salaries, and how little was actually paid out in cash benefits to the charity’s stated cause.

Worst Charities List 2013

The worst charities list is shocking because of how much deception is used to raise money, how much the people behind these so-called charities enrich themselves, and how little of the donations actually goes to the people who truly need it. The staggering waste of these charitable fundraising scams is so awful that you might as well be flushing the money down the toilet for all the good it does.

In a series of featured articles on the 50 worst charities in the U.S., the Tampa Bay Times revealed the worst offenders spend more than 80% of their donations to paid solicitors and then spend most of the rest enriching themselves and their relatives. They summed up their investigative reporting by stating: ” The 50 worst have raised more than $1 billion in the past 10 years, but only a fraction went to anyone other than the charities’ operators and professional solicitors.”

How to avoid giving to the worst charities to donate to:

  • Avoid charities whose names mimic popular charities
  • Never donate through a telemarketing call
  • Investigate any unknown charity before making a donation

Online resources for investigating bad charities:

  • Better Business Bureau Wise Giving – Charity reports rating 1,200 nationally soliciting charities, searchable by charity name.
  • Charity Navigator – Easy to use four-star ratings system with comparisons to similar charities with the same cause.
  • Charity Watch – Tracks the 600 largest charities by fundraising cost and amount reaching the intended recipients.
  • Guidestar – Online listings of all major charities latest IRS filings, plus personal reviews submitted by other users.

The bottom line on the worst charities list? Do your homework before making a charitable donation to any unknown charity and never donate through telemarketers.