Worlds Finest Chocolate

One very successful fundraising candy is Worlds Finest Chocolate. This gourmet chocolate comes packaged in convenient $1 or $2 sizes for easy sales and the company has been helping youth sports teams and school fundraisers since 1949.

Fundraising candy bar flavors
The dollar bars come in the well-known white wrapper and silver foil packaging. Popular flavors include milk chocolate, chocolate almond, caramel, and crisped rice.

The two-dollar size includes such great taste sensations as Continental Almonds, Mint Meltaways, Caramel Whirls, Ravin’ Raisins, and the ever popular Fund Raisins.

In addition, there is also a catalog offering other exclusive chocolate confections. These larger sizes of advance order products include malted milk balls, chocolate-covered pecans and pretzels, White Chocolate Almond Bark and Peppermint Bark, and many other delicious taste treats.

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Candy sales tips
The best way to raise large amounts with fundraising candy is to setup a table in a high-traffic retail location. Get permission from the store manager to sell right outside the entrance or exit of a grocery store, drug store, home improvement store, or other popular retailer.

Put up a sign or poster describing what you are selling and why you are raising funds. For example, “Worlds Finest Chocolate – $1 Helps the Homeless.” That tells people ahead of time exactly what you’re doing and primes them mentally to support your cause as they approach your sales table.

Don’t pester shoppers, but ask for their help. Say “Can you buy a delicious candy bar because we’re raising money for the homeless shelter?”

The key point is to ask for their help and use the word “because” since it acts as a psychological trigger word to subconsciously deflect objections and gain approval.

Worlds Finest Chocolate is a great fundraising candy with convenient price points and brand-name recognition. Candy fundraisers work great for youth sports teams, school clubs, charitable causes and other groups interested in raising funds fast with product sales.

Try Worlds Finest Chocolate for your next fundraiser!