Wings Of Kilimanjaro Fundraiser

Wings Of Kilimanjaro Fundraiser – On January 27th 2013, an intrepid team of 200 paragliders and their passengers will launch from the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in a fundraising event to raise $1 million dollars for East African charities.  Organized by Australian adventure enthusiast Adrian McRae, their fundraiser activity is called Wings of Kilimanjaro.

Wings of Kilimanjaro fundraiser

The sheer magnitude of the two-year effort led McRae to move from Australia to Tanzania to better coordinate with the government and the local charities involved. Just getting the special permit needed from the Tanzanian government took months of meetings and negotiations as this type of activity is banned in the national park area.

The team of 800 – made up of pilots, passengers, media, guides, cooks and porters – will begin their ascent up the slopes Kilimanjaro on January 27th. They hope to launch their 200 paraglider teams from the 19,341 foot summit by January 31st.

According to McRae, doctors will closely monitor the health of all pilots and passengers to avoid altitude sickness high up on the largest free-standing mountain in the world. “All pilots and passengers will be tested for brain function and fitness by the safety team before being allowed to fly,” Adrian told reporters.

“We will be relying on the weather gods to give us the right conditions to be able to launch paragliders from the summit. The weather up on top will be the single biggest obstacle for the overall success of the project.”

Wings of Kilimanjaro Fundraiser Video

The team’s fundraising event is a benefit for three local charities in East Africa: One Foundation, Plant with Purpose, and WorldServe International.

The One Foundation works with local communities on some of their most pressing humanitarian needs, including clean drinking water, HIV, nutrition and sanitation.

Plant with Purpose aims to improve the quality of life for those living in areas hit hard by deforestation, which causes soil erosion and dries up the streams that villagers use for water and irrigation.

WorldServe International helps local communities combat poverty by working in 7 key areas of community development: water and sanitation, electrical power, communications and culture, agricultural development, economic empowerment, health care and education.

To learn more about this world-record breaking fundraising event (and make a donation!), visit their website: Wings of Kilimanjaro.