Wine Raffle Fundraiser Ideas

When doing a wine raffle, there are lots if fundraiser ideas that you can use to raise more money at your event. The list below includes the most popular wine raffle ideas and suggested variations to incorporate.

Wine Raffle Fundraiser Ideas

Wine Raffle Fundraising Ideas

Wine Collection Raffle – This fundraiser is popular with schools as the PTA or PTO ask each family to donate a bottle of wine for the raffle. The donated wines are assembled into collections (reds, whites, California, etc.) that are the raffle prizes. Then, the PTA or PTO sells the raffle tickets for the price of a single bottle of wine. A popular raffle ticket price here is $15 to $20, or something just above the retail price of a good bottle of wine.

First prize can be 50 bottles of wine, second prize 25 bottles, third prize 10 bottles, etc. Depending on how many donated wines you have and how many raffle tickets you sell, this approach makes a great fundraiser because it’s almost all profit.

Larger nonprofit organizations will usually do a variation called a Wine Cellar raffle with more expensive tickets and higher quality wines. They usually offer more prize levels and market their raffle as a chance to win an instant wine cellar.

Wine Pull Raffle – A wine pull raffle is basically a blind draw where every raffle ticket buyer wins a bottle of wine. The donated (or bought at a discount) bottles of wine are wrapped so the labels can’t be seen and then the wrapped bottles are numbered. Some groups refer to wine pull raffle as a Wall of Wine

Each person who buys a wine pull raffle ticket then selects a number that corresponds to a bottle. A $20 raffle ticket may win a $100 bottle of wine or a $15 one.

Variations include selecting a bottle by spinning a numbered wheel, selecting a numbered cork (number side down) from a basket, picking a numbered ball or slip of paper from a raffle drum, etc.

Wine Experience Raffle – This is a raffle where you move beyond just offering the wines and add in a unique experience as the raffle’s Grand Prize. The Grand prize experience may be something like a trip to California’s Napa Valley with a tour of several high-end wineries, a private wine tasting party, a gourmet dinner for eight people at a luxury restaurant with a sommelier offering multiple bottles of rare wines, or other variations.

The whole focus of this raffle is on the unique experience and so the ticket prices are usually much higher than for a simple wine raffle, ranging from $50 to $100 per ticket. Some groups get the experience donated or buy it at a discount from a charity fundraising service. Others put together the experience themselves through people they know plus adding in a few donated extras.

Wine Baskets Raffle – Another wine raffle idea is to assemble donated wine and related goodies into a large number of wine baskets. Then you use the Chinese auction technique of selling large amounts of raffle tickets at fairly low prices.

Each wine basket has its own raffle ticket submission box and subsequent prize drawing.With lower-priced tickets, people can enter the drawings for the baskets they want to win as many times as they want. Some baskets will inevitably draw more ticket submissions, but a wine baskets raffle is really all about just giving people the feeling that they just might win something as opposed to other raffles with only a few prizes.

This type of wine raffle offers many more chances to win just like the wine pull raffle does. The big difference is people aren’t guaranteed a raffle prize as they are with the wine pull. But, with lots of separate prize drawings it generates a lot more excitement.

Corks & Kegs Raffle – Leveraging the growing popularity of craft beer, a corks and kegs raffle features both beer and wine prizes. The raffles are done the same way and you can use any of the other variations listed above.

Corks and kegs raffles usually appeal more to a younger and more male crowd. They can also provide you with more prize opportunities than just a wine raffle because many craft beer brewers are eager to get the exposure.

A nice variation on this fundraising idea is to do a craft beer and wine tasting event and include the corks & kegs raffle entry in the admission ticket. You can also offer additional raffle entries for both prize categories (wine and beer) or separately. Either way, it’s a raffle that’s perfectly suited to the beer and wine tasting audience.

Selling Raffle Tickets – Here’s a link to a separate article about how to sell more raffle tickets and a companion piece on how to sell more event tickets.

Promoting Your Raffle – You might also be interested in these social media publicity tips. Also, make sure you follow the Federal and State raffle laws.

Most of all, just make your wine raffle fundraiser as fun an event as possible. Once you’re successful with your first one, it’s easy to do it again the next year and raise even more money.