Unique Fundraising Ideas For Kids

Finding unique fundraising ideas for kids can be a daunting task. Something new and different always seems like a great idea until you actually have to come up with a unique plan.

One of the best ways to apply that “new and different” premise is to think INSIDE the box. What exactly are you raising money for? A kids sports team, a church youth group, or the entire school?

How To Create Your Own Unique Fundraiser

If you are raising money for your school, think about the primary reason kids go to school. To learn, right? So use learning in the way you choose to raise funds too. Turn a spelling bee or a math tournament into a fundraiser by turning it into an event.

You may choose to charge a nominal fee for admission, and add on other ways to raise money while you have families and supporters present. Include a cake walk/bake sale, a silent auction using donated items from parents and local businesses, and some fun activities for the kids.

The same principle holds true for raising money for smaller groups like sports teams and church youth groups. What is the primary purpose of that group? Incorporate the group’s purpose into your fundraising activity.

If you are trying to think of a unique idea for a kid’s sports team, host a skill clinic early in the season and recruit students from the local high school or college team to help. Invite families and supporters to attend and include money-making ways to engage them. Sell fruit and snacks, set up games to play (for a small fee, – using tickets, of course), and don’t forget to pass the jar for a 50/50 raffle.

Church youth groups can raise funds in a similar way. Host a family night dinner or a Saturday afternoon event and have your youth group or multiple groups put on a play that is relevant to what they are studying. As part of the event, sell tickets for a car wash to be held the next day or the next weekend. Be sure to let your supporters know that donations in lieu of participating in the fundraiser are always welcome.

So, while your chosen fundraiser may not be completely unique, you have presented it in a way that your supporters will find interesting and fun. And in doing so, you have found a unique fundraising idea for kids!