Tyson Chicken Fundraiser

Another easy fundraiser idea for schools is collecting Tyson chicken product labels. Their labels for cash program is similar to Boxtops For Education and each Tyson chicken label submitted is worth $0.24 each. The program is called Tyson Project A+ and each participating school can earn up to $12,000 per school year.

Tyson Chicken Product Labels Fundraiser

The Tyson chicken fundraiser is so easy to do that it’s a “no brainer” for every elementary and middle school to raise funds with it. Here’s how the Tyson school fundraising program works:

  1. Use a flyer to announce the program to families and include this list of eligible Tyson products.
  2. Families clip and save the Tyson Project A+ labels and place them into the school’s label collection box.
  3. School redeems collected coupons (minimum 100 coupons per submission) and receives check by mail.

Tyson provides everything that schools need to organize and promote this fundraiser, including a sample letter to parents, redemption form, and the aforementioned list of eligible products. They even include a page of sample Project A+ labels showing where they are located on different packages of their chicken products.

There are more than 30 eligible Tyson product labels from items available in the frozen foods section of every grocery store chain. Eligible products include chicken nuggets, chicken wings, chicken strips, and their Any’tizers selection of various frozen appetizers.

The Tyson Project A+ website also includes some helpful tips for boosting participation, including:

  • Individual prize incentives for label collection
  • Classroom rewards for most labels collected
  • Encourage summertime label collecting with Back To School bonuses

This Tyson product labels fundraiser is a great school fundraising idea because its simple, the labels have a good value, and the labels are easy to redeem at anytime throughout the year.

So, sign your school up today and start your label collection efforts right away because this one is easy money.