Tupperware Fundraising

Tupperware fundraising is an easy way for schools to raise money. The products are high-quality and are also a familiar brand name. That recognition combined with an attractive and colorful product catalog makes this an easy school fundraiser.

Tupperware fundraisers are usually done as standard catalog order-takers. Simply order the quantity of fundraising kits you need, then send the materials and instructions home with the students. Each student packet contains a colorful 31-page catalog, order forms, collection envelope, and information on sales incentive prizes.

Collect the orders and advance payments after a two-week sales period, set aside your profits, and send in the order forms with payment. Customer shipments arrive in approximately two to three weeks, pre-sorted for easy distribution.

Profit margins are 40% and individual items range from $5 to $25. Grouped together by theme and also by convenient price points, Tupperware items practically sell themselves.

Individual orders run higher than with most other school fundraisers and that means higher net profits for your group. Many schools average a net profit of $40 to $50 per student. There aren’t many other ways to produce those kind of numbers this easily.

Tupperware Fundraising Events

Some schools do Tupperware fundraising as part of an event such as a spring carnival or spaghetti dinner. A large display of the various containers and food preparation tools is set up. A Tupperware consultant demonstrates the products, passes out food samples, and answers questions.

With over 100 items and prices starting at just $5, Tupperware products are very popular. Each one comes with a lifetime warranty, unusual these days in our throwaway society. In fact, the durability and quality of their products is a major selling point.

Order forms are placed nearby so that sales can be completed on the spot. Shipping is free, so schools can arrange to have their entire shipment sent to the school for distribution or they can charge a small extra shipping fee for people who want their orders drop shipped separately.

Both approaches to Tupperware fundraising work well for all group sizes, small to large. Take a break from selling food products and switch to quality household products for a change of pace.