Tupperware Fundraiser

Raising Funds With Tupperware

Raising funds with a Tupperware fundraiser is a fun and easy way to help your favorite cause. Hosting a Tupperware party isn’t difficult. Here’s some tips on putting one together:

Home Party
The traditional way to raise money is by hosting a Tupperware party in your home. You invite friends and neighbors to an informal gathering at your home where the most popular kitchen products are on display. The company consultant provides tasty food samples and demonstrates the product line for you.

Product Line
Products include the collapsible Flat Out storage containers, heat and serve containers, Stuffables (which have expandable lids for odd-shaped foods), and kid-themed items like the SpongeBob SquarePants collection. Prices range from $5 to $25, depending on the size, style, and number of pieces in a set. The catalog also groups items by price range which makes selections even easier.

Online Party
Now you can also have an online page on Tupperware’s site that allows friends and family to browse the entire product line, make selections, and order their products online. Their products are drop-shipped directly to their homes and you get a check. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Each fundraising catalog has an order brochure in the back. Simply fill in which items each guest wants and collect the money up front. Submit your orders through your Tupperware consultant and you’re all set. Products arrive in roughly four weeks time.

Profit Margin
Your group gets to keep 40% of the total revenue, exclusive of taxes and shipping charges. Orders totaling $400 or more receive free shipping. For a small extra charge, orders can be shipped directly to each customer.

Group Fundraising
Many schools and other groups are doing Tupperware fundraising now. The concept is similar to that of the home party, except think bigger. These fundraising events are often hosted in the gymnasium or multi-purpose room where large groups of people can see the product demonstrations.

A Tupperware fundraiser is a great way to raise money. They’re lots of fun and incredibly easy to do. Start planning yours today.