Trivia Night Fundraiser

Another fun and inexpensive fundraising event idea is holding a trivia night fundraiser. Here’s some how to advice on putting together your own trivia night and the best ways to raise funds for your cause at a simple event like this.

How To Organize A Trivia Night Fundraiser

How To Organize A Trivia Night Fundraiser

Pick A Good Date – Saturday nights are a good choice four your Trivia Night as long as there aren’t a lot of competing events. In summertime, you have more flexibility for weeknight choices.

Plan to have the trivia game competition conclude in about 3 hours time, so run your event from 7:00 to 10:00 or 7:30 to 10:30. If you make it much later than that, then you’ll have fewer participants.

Select A Quality Venue – Choose a large venue where you can maintain good spacing between tables and still have plenty of room for fundraising activities like silent auction items, raffles, food and drink sales, etc.

Promote Your Fundraiser Event – Getting a good turnout for your fundraising event means getting the word out through social media, email blasts, community event listings, word of mouth, etc.

If you’re organizing a large fundraiser event, then use a press release for traditional media coverage. Larger events should have their own Facebook page, Twitter feed, website, and flyers to help promote the fundraiser. You can use a service such as EventBrite to sell tickets online and also to handle additional transactions at your event.

Select Interesting Trivia Night Categories – Pick trivia night categories that appeal to a wide range of people. If you pick ones that are too narrow, then an average team of five or six people may not have much specialized knowledge (or luck) at all in that category.

You can also select several popular categories and then mix the questions so that each round is a blend of questions from multiple categories.

Remember that there will be a lot of people at your event who are there to compete and want to win prizes. In fact, if you promote your trivia game night correctly, you should have more competitors than supporters.

So, be sure to keep things interesting and fun for all your attendees.

Buy Trivia Night Questions And Answers – If you want to attract trivia game aficionados, then you’ll need high quality questions and that means buying them from companies that specialize in producing professional category packs of questions and answers.

Otherwise, you’ll have to produce your own and getting the right mix of easy and tough questions can be a difficult task. Make it too simple and no one has any fun. make it too tough and people get frustrated.

So, unless you have a dedicated group who are willing to spend several hours of their time in multiple sessions coming up with questions and getting others to test them, then you should just buy your trivia questions.

Here are two good sources for trivia night quiz questions:

Trivia Night Rules – Print your rules on your score sheets and remind everyone of the two most important rules: 1) No calling out answers and 2) No Cell Phones!

Besides spelling out the point levels for questions and rounds, be sure to include some tiebreaker rules and on how you will settle any disagreements on correct answers.

Trivia Night Fundraiser Ideas

You want your trivia contest to be a fun night for all the participants, so the fundraising activities you include should blend with the festivities. You want to provide good things for everyone to eat and drink.

You have the option to charge more for your tickets – say $20 each instead of $10 – and include   a certain number of food and drink coupons for use during the night. Or, you can sell food and drinks separately in between rounds.

Trivia Night Fundraiser Rules – Your event’s trivia game rules should be the standard ones with one exception. You should sell “mulligans” for teams to use as a way to raise some additional funds.

The best way to do that is to sell the mulligans in advance and allow their use once per team per round. The mulligan allows a team to submit two answers for a single question in the hope that one of their answers is the correct one. This is usually done by affixing a mulligan sticker next to the two answers on that round’s score sheet.

Trivia Night Fundraiser Events – Include fun fundraising activities throughout the night such as:

  1. Raffle off chances to win donated items or services.
  2. Hold a silent auction using several tables with staggered closing times.
  3. Raise funds with a craft beer tasting or wine tasting between rounds.
  4. Have some fun contests like scavenger hunts for odd items in purses or wallets.
  5. Conduct trivia night prize drawings between rounds.
  6. Offer bake sale goodies for teams or individuals to buy.
  7. Use numbered corks to hold a wine pull raffle of donated bottles.
  8. Do games of chance such as guessing the number of marbles in a jar.

Make your Trivia Night as fun as possible and you’ll not only raise a lot of funds, you’ll be able to make it an annual fundraiser event.