Touch A Truck Fundraiser Event

Another fun fundraising idea is to hold a Touch A Truck Fundraiser which is just a really fun event for kids and their families to explore giant trucks, earth movers, ambulances, drilling rigs, and other massive mobile machines. And of course, a touch a truck event also works well as a fundraiser for youth sports teams, church groups, and other non-profit organizations.

The basic premise is exactly what it sounds like – get a whole bunch of giant trucks together in a large parking lot or field and then let kids explore them, sit in the driver’s seat, honk the horn, and generally just marvel at all these huge trucks. And just like any other fundraising event, the more fun you make your touch a truck event, the more people you’ll attract and the more money you’ll raise for your cause.

So, first we’ll cover all sorts of fun things you can add to your event to not only increase attendance, but also keep people staying around longer and spending more money. And of course, a lot of those fun activities can also be fundraising activities.

Fun Event Ideas

  1. Face painting – Kids love getting designs painted on their faces. You can offer it for free, for a small charge, or for a donation.
  2. Picture taking – Photo ops are always fun and families love to take pictures of their kids behind the wheel of a large truck. Consider offering some custom photo ops that will become treasured keepsakes.
  3. Live music – Offering live music is another great idea for attracting a bigger crowd. Oftentimes, local bands will play for a reasonable fee or you can have a battle of the bands. Another option is partnering with a local radio station to broadcast live form your event. That’s also a good way to boost attendance.
  4. Food competition – Adding some type of food competition provides food to sell and keeps people around for the judging. Chili, barbecue, chicken wings, burgers or anything else where you can have people choose the blue ribbon winner makes for a fun activity. Everyone who buys a food sampler gets a vote for the winner. Example: A $10 ticket lets a person sample each of the competitors creations and then cast a vote.
  5. Skill competitions – With a truck event, a skills competition might just be part of an overall demonstration, but kids are fascinated by how things work. Watching a bulldozer or a backhoe pickup something small and deposit exactly atop something else will amaze both children and adults.
  6. Demonstrations – For a Touch A Truck event, have drivers show off bulldozers, steamrollers, giant cranes, fire engines, etc. Set a schedule where you have demonstrations about every 15 minutes and people will stay longer.
  7. Inflatable bounce houses – Kids love the inflatable jumping bounce houses and the rentals are fairly inexpensive.
  8. Fun rides – Adding some carnival rides turns your event sticky because families will stay much longer when there’s more fun things to do. You can charge a little extra by selling ride tickets or having a higher priced admission with free rides as long as it covers your cost.
Touch A Truck Fundraiser Event

Fundraising Ideas For Fun Events

  1. Ticket sales – Some groups don’t charge admission to their outdoor events, but its a good idea to sell tickets even if they are only $5. It gets people committed to attending and it helps cover the event costs. Plus, you can bump the ticket price up a little and include a door prize raffle ticket or chance at winning a cash raffle. That way people will stay around for the prize drawing.
  2. Door prize raffle – Raffling door prizes is an easy way to raise extra money because the prizes are mostly donated items. Anything with an extra cost is easily covered by the extra money from the raffle ticket sales.
  3. Cash raffle – Cash raffles are the easiest way to raise money because the raffle tickets sales produce the prize money. Even a small event should have a 50/50 cash raffle.
  4. Silent auction – A silent auction is a great way to raise funds at any event because people feel like they are getting a good value for their money. Sure it takes some work to get donated items and put together s variety of gift baskets for people to bid on, but it always worth the time and effort. You can also offer some silent auction items like hot air balloon rides with no upfront cost and that will easily raise a few hundred dollars.
  5. Live auction – Every big event should feature a live auction with a professional auctioneer. It may not be the thing for a Touch A Truck fundraiser event unless you really promote it and draw a big enough crowd.
  6. Food & drink sales – Selling food and drinks is another great way to make money at a fundraising event. You can also turn part of it into a fun event of its own by doing a food truck rodeo, a chili cook-off, a barbecue competition, a chicken wing fling, or any other type of food competition.
  7. T-shirt sales – A Touch A Truck event is perfect for t-shirt sales, both for kids and adults. Take pre-orders whenever possible to ensure you sell out all your shirts.
  8. Donations – Always provide a way for people to make direct donations to your cause, even if its nothing more than a donation jar near the refreshments. Post a sign asking for their help and explain what the money will be used for by your cause. Example: “Please help by donating because every dollar goes to helping others.”
  9. Sponsorships – Corporate sponsorships are where the big money is for fundraising events. The bigger your event, the easier it is to get sponsorships. Look for companies with some affinity for your event and also for others that would be a fit for your event’s demographic. Read more in this article on how to get corporate sponsorships.

Hope this article showed you how to make your Touch A Truck event into a really fun fundraiser!