Top Five Fundraisers

Looking for the top five fundraisers? Here are the five top fundraising products for raising funds quickly and easily.

Basically, these easy fundraisers are tried and true rather than new, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do a great job of raising funds when done correctly.

And don’t forget to get a free fundraising kit packed with tips to maximize profits with these best sellers. Simply click on the image link to the right or call this toll-free number: (866) 884-8804.

Successful Fundraising Products

Candy Bar – This article features candy bar sales tips, how to select the right supplier, and how to maximize sales. Youth sports teams have been selling these for years, but only because they always do well with them.

Discover why it’s important for candy sellers to ask customers for their help and to use the word “because” when asking for an order.

Catalog Sales – This one is the favorite of many schools for their fall fundraiser because the large selection of items means there’s a good fit for most families and the holiday gift giving season isn’t too far off.

Gift wrap and candy predominate, but many catalogs now also feature items that moms want for their kitchens and baths. Always deal with a reputable supplier offering quality goods at reasonable prices and that presorts orders for easy delivery.

Cookie Dough – This article provides an overview of a cookie dough program plus tips on best sellers and lowest-cost suppliers. Frozen cookie dough is always a big moneymaker because kids love it and their enthusiasm really helps sell the product!

Profit margins are generally above 50% and the average sale is a couple of tubs which means a $20 to $25 sale. With four or five customers, each seller generates an average of $50 in profit for your group.

Discount Cards – Article describing sales of $10 discount cards for special merchant offers, two-for-one pizza, or fast food freebies. You can offer cards with a single discount deal from one company or one that provides a wide selection of offers from selected businesses in your area.

These fundraising cards sell very well to the general public and that greatly expands your target market. Profits on a discount card are often 80% and they sell like hotcakes outside of high-traffic retail locations.

Scratch Cards – This one provides tips on raising funds quickly with scratch card fundraising. Youth sports teams love this easy fundraiser because each player can easily raise $100 or more.

Scratch off donation amounts are $2.50 or less. Plus, each customer gets a sheet of coupons from national chains that’s easily worth $25 or more. That win/win aspect makes this a great fundraiser for both customers and sellers.

Top Five Fundraisers Summary

These top five fundraisers will do well for any group because they are easy to sell and offer good value to your customers. After all, when you ask a person to buy something to help your group raise funds, aren’t most people thinking “What’s In It For Me?