Top 10 Fundraising Products To Sell

If you are raising money for your school, church, youth sports, or favorite cause, these are the top 10 fundraising products to sell. These fundraising ideas focus on selling products people want to buy, are already buying, or provide substantial discounts on purchases.

Top 10 Fundraising Products To Sell

By selling wholesale fundraising products – i.e. those bought at the lowest possible price, or by offering ways for people to get great deals on everyday items that they are already buying – you easily overcome people’s initial sales resistance.

Obviously, there are going to be differences in what might be the best fundraising products to sell for schools versus church groups, or which product ideas might sell best for cancer fundraising efforts. The key points for being on the top fundraising products list are:

  • Unique products
  • Wholesale pricing
  • 50% profit margin (or more)
  • Provide real value for customers
  • Price points generate lots of revenue
  • Product is something that people want

Best Fundraising Products To Sell

  1. Restaurant Gift Card
  2. Pizza Discount Card
  3. Tote Bags
  4. Spices & Seasonings
  5. Fresh Fruit
  6. Flowers & Flower Bulbs
  7. Coupon Books
  8. Shopping Discount Cards
  9. Trash Bags
  10. Fundraising Candy

Restaurant Gift Card – Fundraising gift cards from are one of the easiest ways for your group to raise funds fast. The cards provide great value to customers and deliver a $10 profit with each card sold. For their $20 purchase, the card delivers $100 worth of restaurant gift certificates that buyers select from the local and national offers posted on the website. The card never expires and some restaurants offer additional discounts on their gift certificates, so this restaurant discount card offers tremendous value to its users.

Pizza Discount Card – Fundraising discount cards are available from Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa John’s, and Little Caesars for fundraisers. Most of these offer a 2-for-1 deal on their pizzas with a limit of from 10 to 24 uses for the different cards. These provide a real value to customers because they essentially pay for themselves with one use. For a long time, the pizza discount cards cost $2 and sold for $10, but lately I’m seeing a trend toward $4 cost and $15 sales price. The linked article explains all the variations.

Tote Bags – Another good fundraising product idea for small groups  or schools is doing a mixed bag fundraiser through Mixed Bag Designs. Their fundraising bags are high quality, come in a wide variety of patterns, plus they can hold a whopping 50 to  60 pounds of whatever you need or want to carry. Mixed Bag fundraisers provide a 50% profit margin and offers lots of different styles and price points.

Spices & Seasonings – Another recommended fundraising supplier is Con Yeager Spice Company, an 85-year old spice and seasonings company based in Western Pennsylvania. Their spice fundraiser program offers great value to customers with extremely generous portions of their various spices and seasonings for the money. The products offered by Con Yeager practically sell themselves because they are such a good deal. Another plus is that they manufacture all their own spices and seasonings, so there’s no middleman or fundraising distributor in the cost equation. Article has lots of tips on how to sell more items to more people.

Fresh Fruit Fundraiser – Selling fresh citrus fruit is a popular fundraising product approach chosen by many school and church groups. While the profit margins are not anywhere near 50%, the price points are fairly high so that there is good net profit from each sale. The key, as with any fundraising product sale, is having each seller make a large number of sales. Tips on how to do exactly that are in the article.

Flowers & Flower Bulbs – You can sell flowers and/or flower bulbs as an order-taker fundraiser at just about any time of the year. Fundraising flowers are popular items for Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Christmas holidays, springtime planting, and fall color displays. The easiest way to do it is to sell bulbs or seeds through a brochure sales approach. Showing samples of what you are offering will boost sales. Another alternative that’s popular is selling organic seeds and heirloom seeds.

Coupon Books – The Entertainment Coupon Book has been a fundraising staple for several decades. It’s packed with discounts and great deals from national retail chains, movie theaters, oil change companies, restaurants, and local businesses. It sells well because the coupons deliver a perceived value of at least $100 above the purchase cost. That makes it easy for supporters to justify giving to your cause because there is good value in it for them.

Shopping Discount Cards – Fundraising discount cards are a great way to raise funds for any group, school club, or youth sports team. With discount card fundraisers, you buy the cards in advance and sell them at retail prices, so there is a substantial upfront expenditure. You get the lowest cost on the discount cards if you line up all the discount deals from the local merchants yourself. If you hire the company to make those sales calls for you, then you’ll pay significantly higher price for the cards. Previously a $10 discount card price point dominated the market, but recently $15 and $20 versions have become more commonplace.

Trash Bags – A lot of schools like selling trash bags as a fundraising product because they are something that everyone needs. The linked article goes into a lot of detail about what to watch out for on features and pricing, plus how to  find the wholesalers to buy from instead of using the distributors. Another fundraising product item that sells well and bring in a lot of revenue is selling bedsheets.

Fundraising Candy – Two types of fundraising candy always sell well – traditional dollar candy bars and gourmet chocolate items. Every other type of fundraising candy has problems meeting both the revenue expectations and the profit expectation. You want to sell fundraising items that will generate at least $100 per seller and $50 profit. Dollar candy works well because its name brand products and the price point is easily affordable. Gourmet chocolate works well as a reward purchase at a high price point per sale, but fewer customers. Read the linked article for more fundraising candy product sales tips.

So, these wholesale fundraising products and discount cards are the best fundraising products to sell based on ease of sale, net profit generated, and total value to your customer. Selling items that people actually want to buy because its a good deal makes these product ideas an easy way to raise funds for your school, church, or cause.