Fundraising Tips

Fundraising tips and ideas on how to raise more funds with your next fundraiser, plus how to get more volunteers, donations, publicity, and much more.

Fundraiser Sales Tips

This article on fundraiser sales tips provides advice for selling more fundraising products by following a proven sales script. Not everyone is a born salesperson. Sometimes all that’s needed is a little constructive mental preparation. Consider this a 10-step action plan for increasing your product sales revenue.Fundraising Sales Tips:Smile and make eye contactMaximize the value […]

Non-profit Mission Statement For Fundraiser

Tips on making your mission statement for fundraiser purposes by fundraising consultant and author, Tony Poderis.Don’t Make Your Organization’s Statement Of Purpose A “Mission Impossible”We read in all of the right publications and we are told by the experts that a non-profit organization’s mission statement should be contained on the back of a business card, […]

Best Locations For Fundraising

“I rob banks because that’s where the money is.” – Willie Sutton, Master “Fundraiser”Location, Location, Location!Obviously, Mr. Sutton was raising funds for different reasons than your group. But he was right about one thing – if you want to get your hands on a lot of money, you’ve got to go directly to the source.Traditionally, […]

Fundraising Benefits

In fundraising, pay attention to psychological motivation – People always want to know what’s in it for them. The benefits of your fundraising must be quickly and clearly explained in terms of “What’s In It For Me” so that people can relate quickly.What’s In It For Me?Believe it or not, providing a good answer to […]

Accept Credit Card Donations

A lot of groups want to accept credit card donations or fundraising auction payments online, but don’t know how to do it. There are three main ways to accept payments online: use PayPal, use a nonprofit credit card processing service, or get your own merchant account.PayPalPayPal is by far the easiest way to handle credit […]

24 Killer Press Release Secrets

24 Killer Press Release Secrets1. Your press release should sound like news, not an ad.2. You should only send your press release to the media related to the topic of your press release.3. Keep your press release one page in length.4. Your header, contact information and release date should be at the top of your […]

Getting Your Fundraiser Publicity

How To Get Your Fundraiser PublicityHow well your fundraiser does will depend on how much publicity you can attract. Your community should be made aware of your fundraiser, so they can help raise funds and increase your results. If your community doesn’t know about the fundraiser you are hosting, who is going to show up?We […]

How to Host a Successful Fundraiser

How to Host a Successful Fundraiser – Tips and Tricks of the TradeHosting a successful fundraiser is no accident. It requires planning, commitment, and more than a little bit of salesmanship. If this sounds like a lot of work, make no mistake about it, it is.But it’s rewarding work, it’s meaningful work, and done the […]

Promoting your Fundraiser

To achieve a successful fundraising event you will need to create awareness and excitement for your fundraising event. The larger the crowd of people you attract for your fundraiser, the more money that will be raised for your group or cause.Below are some tips for generating interest in your fundraising event.Press releases are vitally are […]

101 Fundraising Tips

These fundraising tips are all about improving your results through fine-tuning your activities and then applying a few simple enhancements. Read these for some quick “how-to” ideas for maximizing the results of your fundraisers.Big Picture Fundraising Tips: 1) Maximize value to maximize results Make this your mantra. More value means more prospects. More value means […]

Landing Page

eBook Download PageThank You for purchasing“Fundraising Success”You will now Download Your Purchase Read all Instructions CAREFULLY!For your convenience, the ebook and bonuses are published for viewing in Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf)… absolutely the best and easiest way to view the material!You can print ONE COPY of each or save to disk and view on your computer.NOTE: […]

Getting Media Coverage

When non-profit organizations aren’t out changing the world, they’re appealing to supporters and the public for donations. Fundraising is a constant challenge for non-profit organizations and it’s not because people don’t want to give the money – it’s because people don’t always know that there’s a need. That changes by getting media coverage.Fundraising efforts include […]

Fundraising Tips: Sales

Summary: Fundraising tips on how to boost your sales by setting goals, defining your customers, and using a well-honed sales pitch. Use these tips in your fundraising and watch your sales soar. Don’t waste a fundraising opportunity due to no sales script.12 Fundraising Sales SecretsHow do you maximize your fundraising sales?Here are twelve fundraising sales […]

Fundraising Tips: Follow-up

The key to continued fundraising success is to follow-up afterwards:Supporters and participants need to be thanked.Merchant contributors need to be debriefed on their results from participating. Records should be gathered, copied, and stored.Communicate the results to everyone involved.Informing everyone who took part in your most recent fundraising is of utmost importance. Nothing charges up your […]

Fundraising Thermometer

Fundraising Thermometer For WebsiteHere is where you can get a fundraising thermometer for your website to display an image of how close you are to reaching your fundraising goal.Information link: Entropy FarmInstructions: Copy the PHP Source to your server, and then all you need is a good installation of PHP with the GD Libraries, and […]

Fundraising Publicity

Publicity is what increases community awareness of your fundraising need and your planned fundraiser. This article provides ten publicity tips that will boost your fundraising results.The success of your fundraiser depends on how much publicity your group can attract. Community awareness of your fundraising need and your fundraising offering will always increase your results.The best […]

Fundraising Newsletter

We offer a monthly fundraising newsletter – It’s free for everyone on our mailing list. Sign up for our fundraising kit using the box at the upper left and get free fundraising product samples from our preferred suppliers!Fundraising Success – Our monthly ezine provides fundraising tips, timely articles, reader submissions, supplier profiles, and more.Check out […]

Written Documentation

More from the multi-part series on fundraiser preparation. This section is about the importance of written documentation of all your processes to improve communications and efficiency.Importance I can’t stress enough how important it is to have written documentation for all your major organizational activities. Besides the annual plans and specific timelines mentioned above, detailed plans […]

Developing A Fundraising Merchant Plan

How to use a fundraising merchant plan to increase your profits. Use a win-win approach to maximize your fundraising success and increase fundraiser donations, get more silent auction items, door prizes, and participant rewards for your fundraisers.What is a fundraising merchant plan? A merchant plan is a step-by-step outline covering the development of a mutually […]

Fundraiser Preparation

No matter what your resources, the key to fundraising success is to compose and follow a plan of action. Your plan must be your own design. It must detail how you will meet your specific needs and achieve your goals.Your plan should identify and combat your weaknesses while leveraging your strengths. It should contain specific […]