Fundraising Tips

Fundraising tips and ideas on how to raise more funds with your next fundraiser, plus how to get more volunteers, donations, publicity, and much more.

Q4 Silent Auction Tips

One of the best silent auction tips is to talk up your auction items to your guests. Every guest is a prospective bidder and during Q4 every guest will be buying holiday gifts.Charity auctioneer Sherry Truhlar provides several tips on how to boost your silent auction results by leveraging the gift-giving needs of your guests. […]

5 Press Release Publicity Tips

Getting advance media coverage of your fundraising event can work wonders for your bottom line. So, what should you emphasize in your press release that will increase your chances of getting media coverage for your fundraiser?You should always emphasize the basic elements of news coverage, aka the 5 W’s. Television broadcasting legend Tom Zalaski explains […]

How To Get More Media Coverage

How To Get More Media Coverage of Your Positive Events – Be The Kicker!One of the easiest ways I know of to garner positive television news coverage is to ‘be the kicker’. Logically, your first question is, “What in the world is a kicker?” The kicker, in television news parlance, is that cute, funny, heartwarming, […]

Five Fundraising Letter Tips

When writing a fundraising letter, there are five things you should do to get more donations. These 5 tips for writing fundraising letters are all about communicating directly with your reader in an engaging manner that captures their interest.A donation appeal letter should personalize your cause by telling a story about a real person, not […]

Fundraising Sales Tips

Here are some excellent fundraising sales tips for selling more fundraiser products or raffle tickets. These sales tips cover everything from the psychology behind asking for the sale to the best locations for making way more product sales than ever before.If you want to sell more fundraising products, then you have to know the best […]

Girl Selling Fundraising Candy Robbed At Gunpoint By Classmates

A 13-year old Dallas girl selling fundraising candy was robbed at gunpoint by 8 male classmates. A Dallas police report states the girl was selling fundraising candy to help pay for a band trip to the Six Flags amusement park this spring.Fundraising Candy Robbery News Video:

Fundraising Challenge

Fundraising Challenge – Fundraising is both challenging as it is rewarding. Raising the needed fund for a worthy cause is indeed spiritually and emotionally satisfying. Every school organization may want to extend a helping hand to those folks who are in dire need.Fundraisers Help EveryoneThe prospect beneficiary could either be a charitable institution, an orphanage, […]

Social Media Publicity Tips

If you want to get more people to your fundraising event, here are some social media publicity tips that will help get the word out. This article doesn’t cover standard publicity methods that you should also be using. You can read more in these two articles here about geting event publicity and getting media coverage […]

Online Fundraising Email Strategies

Guest article by Alan Sharpe, President of Raiser Sharpe, a direct mail fundraising agency that helps non-profit organizations raise funds, build relationships and improve their online fundraising efforts.Your greatest challenge as an email fundraiser is your list. If your organization is typical, only 10% of the people in your donor file have given you their […]

Organizing Charity Events

Fundraising events are one of the most effective ways to raise funds for your organization, increase your donor bases, and get valuable publicity for the work of your nonprofit organization. If done wrong, your special events won’t provide the funds you seek, and will in fact hurt your organization because of the negative word-of-mouth your […]

Online Fundraising Tips

Here are some great ideas and online fundraising tips you can use to supplement your internet fundraiser efforts:Nine Reasons To Use Online Fundraising1. Increased ReachEmail makes it possible to contact supporters, family and friends from different geographic locations as opposed to those only within close proximity. Campaigns can now reach potential supporters from coast to […]

Marketing your Fundraiser for Success

One of the biggest mistakes most groups and organizations make is to not properly market and publicize your fundraiser. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they will just find you because you and your group will be in the right place at the right time! Get them excited about the fundraiser, make them want to […]

12 Fundraising Tips

Here are twelve fundraising tips to help your group raise more funds when selling fundraising products, including a sample sales script to follow.IDENTIFY YOUR NEEDS AND SET YOUR GOALS The first steps to a successful fundraiser are to identify your group’s needs by setting financial goals. If your group members know how the money will […]

Fundraising Successfully

School budgets are short and even cities need help. On top of that, there are all sorts of organizations that are looking to make some extra money to help fund them. Fundraising is the perfect thing to do just that.If you are looking for some remarkable method of fundraising to turn your school or organization […]

Youth Group Fund Raiser

In any youth group fund raiser, two big challenges often hinder getting the desired results.1) How do you generate a strong sales response? 2) How do you create an avalanche of demand?These challenges are two sides of the same coin.Tips For Boosting Your Fundraising ResultsThe keys to motivating your sellers and captivating prospective buyers are […]

15 Fundraising Mistakes

Fundraising is both an art and a science. If your fundraising revenues are static or declining, your organization is probably making one or more of these common fundraising mistakes:Lack of planningRepeating the same old fundraiserNot recruiting enough helpLow quality merchandiseInadequate sales preparationPoor support materialsNo sales scriptsWeak internal communicationLack of publicityContinuous fundraisingBad timingNo rewardsPoor rewardsLetting problems […]


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Fundraising Job

Thinking about looking for a fundraising job, but held back by the thought of “I can’t ask for money.”How many times have I heard that? With those simple words, thousands of people each day take themselves out of a career that could easily be one of the most rewarding, interesting, and passionate experiences of their […]

Successful Fundraising

Successful fundraising is no accident. It requires planning, commitment, and more than a little bit of salesmanship. If this sounds like a lot of work, make no mistake about it, it is. But it’s rewarding work, it’s meaningful work, and done the right way, fundraising can be fun work. Fundraisers present wonderful opportunities to generate […]

Planning Successful Fundraisers

There are so many tips for successful fundraisers I could give, but it’s impossible to list each one here. These ten are among the most important:Leadership & organizationRehearse the sales pitchChoose the right fundraiserTry new ideasPlanning & coordinationOrganize & divide tasksFollow tax lawsUse a consultantStudy the competitionParticipant benefitsStrong leadership and organizational skillsIt’s critical to have […]