The One Thing You Must Do To Skyrocket Your Fundraiser!

Every fundraiser group struggles with the impossible quest of finding the ultimate all-in-one fundraising idea. However, the best idea doesn’t have to be too crafty.

Actually it’s very simple: just have fun! And let everybody else have fun as well.

It doesn’t matter what type of campaign you’re running, as long as everybody is having fun success will become inevitable.

The following 5 surefire ways to having fun during a fundraiser can be easily applied to any scenario:

1 – Reward your volunteers: If you offer attractive incentives and prizes to your contributing volunteers they might have more fun.

The idea is to create a competitive but friendly environment. The prize doesn’t have to be one million dollars; a simple gift such as a custom trophy is more than enough.

2 – Plan: Before even starting your campaign plan to have fun. Think about a day’s fundraising activities and how you can make every part of the process enjoyable to work with. Always ask yourself the key question: How can I make this fun? It doesn’t always have to be boring work.

3 – Show your appreciation: Constantly remind your contributors and volunteers you’re grateful for their work with the words “thank you”. Keep smiling all the way through and everyone else will smile back at you.

Be sure to provide snacks and drinks to keep your supporters energetically in action.

4 – Make a movie: You can film an entertaining movie about your fundraising quest and have everybody appear on it. Make it a sort of a fun documentary in which everybody gets to tell their story and experience with the fundraiser. Give it a funny title related to the theme of your campaign. Then you can throw a party where everyone can watch the movie.

5 – Challenge your team: Promise you’ll do something daring and funny if your team reaches a certain goal. For example doing the chicken dance or wearing a funny costume for a day.

This will give your volunteers a very attractive incentive to do good work. It’s no secret that people perform better on their tasks while they’re feeling good and having fun. As a leader, stimulating fun into your supporters has the potential of multiplying your group’s rewards.

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