Taste Of The Town Fundraiser

Another great fundraising event idea is to put together a Taste Of The Town fundraiser. This “foodie” event pulls together some of the best food in your town and provides a fun social gathering where attendees can sample all the goodies.

Taste of the town fundraiser

A Taste Of The Town fundraiser is extremely adaptable because you can deliver it in so many different ways:

  • You can offer an almost infinite variety of foods and beverages.
  • You can host your event indoors or outdoors
  • Your event can be elegant or casual
  • You can do it as a weekday luncheon or a Saturday night gala
  • You can include restaurants, bakeries, barbecue  joints, sub shops or food trucks
  • You can even make it a regular monthly event with different foods each time
  • Your group can do the whole thing or partner with other groups
  • You can have celebrity judges for the “Best Of” awards or do a popular vote

To get started with this type of fundraising event idea, you have to understand the needs of the businesses that you want to participate and then plan accordingly. Restaurant chefs are just not going to be available on a Friday night or Saturday night because those are their busiest nights. Casual eateries will be busy serving customers during the weekday lunch rush.

So, when you are making your decisions about indoor vs. outdoor, weekday vs. weeknight vs. weekend, elegant vs. casual, etc., know that those choices will limit who can participate as vendors.

When asking a business owner to participate in your fundraiser, you have to make your pitch in terms of “What’s in it for me?” You have to show how participating in your food tasting event will help get them more business. Offer to showcase their business with prominent placement. Work with them on fundraising offerings that will bring people to their location:

Once you’ve made your event choices as far as time, place, format and participants, then you need to add some entertainment. Liven things up with an emcee, some type of live music, wine tastings, craft beer samplings,  or cooking demonstrations.

Raise funds with advance ticket sales, higher ticket admission at the door, gift certificates, cooking lessons, silent auctions, live auctions, door prizes, raffle chances, and all the usual fundraising event trappings.

Publicize your event with traditional media coverage and extensive use of social media.

Make your Taste of The Town fundraiser truly an event to remember!