Baseball Fundraiser Ideas

Youth sports fundraisers can be painful for parents, so here are some easy baseball fundraiser ideas for raising money fast. Most Little League teams need to raise funds to cover expenses such as field maintenance, uniforms, umpires, etc. The money raised by selling advertising space at the ball fields and by doing the portrait fund […]

Fundraising Ideas For Sports Teams

Here are roughly forty different fundraising ideas for sports teams, mostly events that are fairly easy to pull together with a little planning and not too much money. Youth sports teams need to raise money every year and usually nobody wants to do the same old thing. That’s not to say that what worked previously […]

Scratch Card Fundraising

Scratch card fundraising is one of the easiest fundraisers for youth sports teams and school groups. The basic premise of a scratch card fundraiser is simple. Instead of selling a product, you ask supporters to scratch off a dot on a scratch card and then donate the amount revealed. In return, they receive a sheet […]