Facebook Donate Now Button

Facebook has rolled out a Donate Now button as a call-to-action option specifically for pages belonging to non-profit organizations. While some non-profit groups think Facebook should have offered a more comprehensive solution that handled all the details right on their site, the Facebook Donate Now button is actually a very powerful tool for nonprofits.Think about […]

Social Media Fundraiser

This article is not about raising money online through social media sites. This social media fundraiser is a fundraising event idea where you offer skills workshops with hands-on training from subject matter experts to local business people and others who want to learn how to use social media to grow their business.Social media marketing advice […]

Internet Fundraising Tips

This article by Tony Poderis, a fundraising consultant, pre-dates most social media like Facebook, but it still has some relevant points about what to consider when thinking about Internet Fund-Raising. Whether you include social media in your internet fundraising efforts or not –  and you definitely should – now charitable fundraisers are truly global in […]