Gardening Supplies Fundraiser

Springtime is perfect for a gardening supplies fundraiser. A home & garden fundraising event will scale nicely to help meet even major fund raising goals.The basic premise is to host an event where all sorts of gardening items are offered for sale. There are many ways to make money with this type of fundraising activity […]

Seasonal Fundraisers

What are seasonal fundraisers? They are product sales where your group can benefit from seasonal demand for select products.Ten ideas for seasonal fundraisers:Halloween Pumpkin Patch Fall is a big season for fundraising and Halloween presents a great opportunity to host a Pumpkin Patch fundraiser. Line up a roadside site, decorate it with some hay bales, […]

Halloween Pumpkin Fundraiser

Autumn is probably the most popular season for fundraising. School has just started, sports team are beginning their season, and non-profit groups are looking to get a piece of the holiday spending action. While other groups are selling candy, wrapping paper, and magazines for their fundraising activity, how about looking into doing something different this […]

Valentines Day Fundraisers

Valentines Day is a great time for fundraising, particularly for school groups and small nonprofits. Here are four quick ways to raise funds with easy Valentines Day fundraisers.Sell RosesOne of the easiest ways to raise funds on Valentines Day is to sell roses. You can offer single roses, a full dozen, various flower bouquets, or […]

Flower Bulb Fundraiser

A great way to raise money is with a Spring flower bulb fundraiser. This is usually done as an order-taker sale from a brochure with colorful pictures and descriptions of all the available flowers and plants.You collect payment in advance, place your order, and arrange for pickup or home delivery when your supplier ships your […]

Holiday Fundraising – Part 3

Holiday fundraising is all about timing. Schools, churches and youth sports groups can schedule their fundraisers to coincide with a time when most people’s spending increases.Part One looked at Christmas tree and wreath sales as a way of raising funds for non-profit groups. Part Two, explored a common but profitable holiday fundraiser, catalog sales. In […]