Fundraising Networking Events

Hosting a business meet-and-greet networking event as a fundraiser for your cause is a great way to raise funds. In areas with lots of young professionals, networking events are a popular way to make business connections and its easy to add some fundraising activities to these types of get-togethers.Fundraising networking events for a good cause […]

Impact Auction Boosts Fundraising Event Results

An impact auction at a fundraising event is also known as a paddle raise. At large fundraising events, a professional auctioneer conducts a live auction of large ticket items which eventually go to the highest bidders. During the live auction portion of your event, an impact auction will definitely boost your results.The “impact auction” or […]

Reverse Raffle Ideas

If you want to do a fundraising raffle, then these reverse raffle ideas will definitely help raise more funds for your group. A reverse raffle awards the grand prize to the last ticket drawn instead of the first, so it holds everyone’s attention longer at your event.One of the best reverse raffle ideas is to […]