100 Percent Profit Fundraisers

There really are 100 percent profit fundraisers and you see them all the time, often without consciously realizing what they are. A true 100% profit fundraiser is one that is pure donations, plain and simple.The nice thing about this type of free fundraising activity is that you can use it for seed money to put […]

How To Do An Archery Fundraiser

An archery fundraiser uses competition to make a great fundraising activity and will draw a lot of interest from the younger crowd due to the incredible popularity of the Hunger Games books and movies. You can do this as a standalone fundraiser or as part of a larger event.Because not everyone is going to be […]

Hunger Games Fundraiser

In the Hunger Games fundraiser, contestants compete in four events to become the grand champion. Inspired by the incredibly popular Hunger Games books and movies, this unique fundraising event combines an archery competition, shooting range, obstacle course and a willingness to eat weird foods. Depending on the number of competitors, you can do the events […]