Citrus Fruit Fundraiser Tips

4 Tips To Triple Your Citrus Fruit Fundraiser Profits – Doing a citrus fruit fundraiser will usually raise more money than selling other fundraising products because the price points are higher and its easy to add in some other high-profit options. Selling citrus fruit is a great fundraiser for school groups like band and cheerleading […]

Holiday Bazaar Fundraising Ideas

A great way to raise funds late in the year is to hold a combination craft fair and holiday shopping event. These holiday bazaar fundraising ideas will help you get organized and raise more money at your holiday fundraiser event.While a holiday bazaar is primarily a shopping marketplace, its also perfect for crafting demonstrations and […]

Christmas Fundraising Ideas

Here are some great Christmas fundraising ideas to raise funds this holiday season. Includes event ideas as well as some timely product items to sell. The holiday season is a busy time and using these timely ideas, you can help your organization cash in on the frenzy while making the process easier on yourself, your […]

Christmas Carol Fundraiser

Bring good tidings this season with a low-cost, fun Christmas Carol Fundraiser. Singing holiday songs can work for many non-profit groups that need to raise money and stand out from the crowd.Neighborhood homeowners associations, church groups, even youth sports teams can benefit by singing Christmas Carols. All that’s required is some festive attire, and the […]

Christmas Pageant – The W In Christmas

This is the story of how a school Christmas pageant went awry when small children went onstage to sing Christmas Love.The “W” in ChristmasEach December, I vowed to make Christmas a calm and peaceful experience. I had cut back on nonessential obligations – extensive card writing, endless baking, decorating, and even overspending.Yet still, I found […]

Holiday Fundraising – Part 1

Many schools, youth groups and sports teams can benefit from holiday fundraising. By supplying items that people will purchase anyway, everybody wins.Here is one idea on holiday fundraising that can bring big profits to your group: a Christmas Tree and Wreath Sale.Christmas Tree and Wreath SaleThere are dozens of suppliers for trees and wreaths in […]

Holiday Fundraising – Part 3

Holiday fundraising is all about timing. Schools, churches and youth sports groups can schedule their fundraisers to coincide with a time when most people’s spending increases.Part One looked at Christmas tree and wreath sales as a way of raising funds for non-profit groups. Part Two, explored a common but profitable holiday fundraiser, catalog sales. In […]

Holiday Fundraising – Part 2

Holiday fundraising can be an option for many non-profit groups. Schools, churches and youth sports groups can all benefit from holiday fundraisers.Part one looked at Christmas tree and wreath sales as a way of raising funds for non-profit groups. In part two, we’ll look at a common but profitable holiday fundraiser, catalog sales.Wrapping Paper and […]