12 Green School Fundraising Ideas

Here are some easy school fundraising ideas that are eco-friendly and will raise a lot of money fast. Most of these green fundraisers don’t require much in the way of upfront funds to get started and the kids will love them.They are grouped into activities, event ideas, and products to sell. Each idea is linked […]

Fun Raising Friday 14

It’s time for another look at ten more ideas for fun fundraisers that other groups are doing around the country. The fun fundraising ideas raise money while providing a good time for participants, attendees, and supporters.Check out this week’s batch of Fun Raising Friday fundraiser ideas and discover more fun ways to fundraise!Frogman 3D Bowhunters […]

Green Fundraising

Green Fundraising – Across the nation, school groups are using green fundraisers to raise money and promote environmental awareness among students says Kimberly Reynolds of FundraiserHelp.com.School groups are increasingly turning to eco-friendly green fundraisers to raise much-needed funds while promoting environmental awareness among students and their families. Popular green fundraisers include recycling used printer cartridges, […]

Green Fundraiser

Green Fundraiser – Doing a green fundraiser may seem daunting in today’s wasteful, consumer world, but it could be as easy as choosing the right product. There are several to choose from, but here’s one I especially like.Green fundraisers are not just about helping our environment, but teaching children that green is a great choice […]

Green Fundraiser Ideas

Green fundraising is becoming more popular every year, so here is a list of green fundraiser ideas to consider when raising funds for your group or school.Eco-friendly Fundraising IdeasGreen Fundraiser – Ideas for doing a green fundraiser by offering eco-friendly products – Catalog product sales work well for school groups of all sizes.Cell Phone Fundraiser […]

Ideas For Earth Friendly Fundraisers

Here are three earth friendly fundraisers for any size group. These green earth friendly fundraisers include organic candy fundraising, recycling fundraiser, and a group cleanup effort.I don’t want this article to sound like a Dennis Miller rant, but we really need to focus some of our fundraising energies on doing the right thing.What exactly is […]