24 Killer Press Release Secrets

24 Killer Press Release Secrets1. Your press release should sound like news, not an ad.2. You should only send your press release to the media related to the topic of your press release.3. Keep your press release one page in length.4. Your header, contact information and release date should be at the top of your […]

Getting Your Fundraiser Publicity

How To Get Your Fundraiser PublicityHow well your fundraiser does will depend on how much publicity you can attract. Your community should be made aware of your fundraiser, so they can help raise funds and increase your results. If your community doesn’t know about the fundraiser you are hosting, who is going to show up?We […]

Getting Media Coverage

When non-profit organizations aren’t out changing the world, they’re appealing to supporters and the public for donations. Fundraising is a constant challenge for non-profit organizations and it’s not because people don’t want to give the money – it’s because people don’t always know that there’s a need. That changes by getting media coverage.Fundraising efforts include […]