Planning Successful Fundraisers

There are so many tips for successful fundraisers I could give, but it’s impossible to list each one here. These ten are among the most important:Leadership & organizationRehearse the sales pitchChoose the right fundraiserTry new ideasPlanning & coordinationOrganize & divide tasksFollow tax lawsUse a consultantStudy the competitionParticipant benefitsStrong leadership and organizational skillsIt’s critical to have […]

Successful Fundraising Fundamentals

Fundraising success is all in the fundamentals. Your top priorities should always be to increase community awareness of your group’s fundraising need and your fundraiser offering. Properly addressing these two fundraising fundamentals always produces success for any group.Successful fundraising requires following certain fundamental steps. Here are two things you have to do with every fundraiser:Increase […]

Fundraising Location

This article about fundraising locations is an excerpt from my book, Fundraising Success. The best fundraising locations are obviously where the money is, so plan accordingly.Location, Location, Location!“I rob banks because that’s where the money is.” – Willie Sutton, Master “Fundraiser”Obviously, Mr. Sutton was raising funds for different reasons than your group. But he was […]