Boost Your Appeal Letter’s Response Rate

If you want to boost the response rate of your fundraising letters, here are 3 ways to make it happen. The first thing you need to do is offer more than just the standard donation appeal letter reply device.Fundraising consultant and expert copywriter Alan Sharpe explains exactly what you need to do to double or […]

Fundraising Challenge

Fundraising Challenge – Fundraising is both challenging as it is rewarding. Raising the needed fund for a worthy cause is indeed spiritually and emotionally satisfying. Every school organization may want to extend a helping hand to those folks who are in dire need.Fundraisers Help EveryoneThe prospect beneficiary could either be a charitable institution, an orphanage, […]

State Raffle Laws

In both the United States and Canada, all types of fundraising raffles are considered to be games of chance. Consequently, they are very tightly regulated and failure to adhere to state raffle laws is considered a serious offense.If you have any doubt about the correct procedures, do not rely on anybody’s word but a government […]

Marketing your Fundraiser for Success

One of the biggest mistakes most groups and organizations make is to not properly market and publicize your fundraiser. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they will just find you because you and your group will be in the right place at the right time! Get them excited about the fundraiser, make them want to […]

Youth Group Fundraising

Looking for tips on doing some low-cost youth group fundraising? When you’re planning a fundraiser for your youth group, some considerations come to mind. The size of your group is an important factor, as well as the season in which you plan to raise money. Here are some ideas that can be used most any […]

15 Fundraising Mistakes

Fundraising is both an art and a science. If your fundraising revenues are static or declining, your organization is probably making one or more of these common fundraising mistakes:Lack of planningRepeating the same old fundraiserNot recruiting enough helpLow quality merchandiseInadequate sales preparationPoor support materialsNo sales scriptsWeak internal communicationLack of publicityContinuous fundraisingBad timingNo rewardsPoor rewardsLetting problems […]

Strategic Philanthropy

Guest article by Business Coach and Strategist, Paul Lemberg, to help your business help others with a Strategic Philanthropy.Grow your Business While Helping OthersStrategic philanthropy is a unique and powerful way to combine your company’s marketing goals with a your desire to increase the well-being of mankind.We call it strategic philanthropy. Two of the more […]

Fundraising Fun

You want to keep your fundraising fun. Here are 10 ways to make fundraising fun for everyone involved including incentives, parties, pictures, fun rewards, and more. Fun fundraisers produce great results!To get the most out of any fundraiser, every participant needs to give their all from start to finish. This includes your team members, parents, […]

Silent Auction Tips

Every time you do a fundraising event, you should include as many silent auction fundraiser items as possible. Here are some silent auction tips to help you raise the most money possible.Silent Auction FundraisersProminent placement Location is everything in real estate and it’s just as important in silent auctions. One great place to feature your […]

Selling Raffle Tickets

A lot of groups need help with selling raffle tickets because there isn’t much in the way of good ticket sales advice out there. So, here are some tips on how to sell raffle tickets that should double or triple your revenue.Sales targets These are your target markets:Family and friendsNeighbors and co-workersGeneral publicAs you can […]

Preventing Fundraising Burnout

How To Prevent Fundraising Burnout – Since many schools and other organizations today find themselves suffering from a chronic state of under-funding, they are increasingly forced to hold multiple fundraisers through the course of the year. Unfortunately, this can lead to a complete fundraiser burnout for many customers as well as for fundraising salespeople.How To […]

Maximize Fundraising Results

To maximize results for your next fundraiser, you need to have a plan and work that plan. Spend some time with your leadership group strategizing about how various offerings will be received by your potential supporters. Design a sales effort that leverages your group’s strengths and expands your reach deeper into the community. Here are some […]

Fundraising FAQ

In fundraising, many of the same questions come up over and over, so I wrote this fundraising FAQ to help. Here are some questions that should give you some good ideas for your fundraisers.Answers To Your Questions About Fundraising1- How do I choose the right fundraising idea for my group?There are several considerations when trying […]

101 Fundraising Tips

These fundraising tips are all about improving your results through fine-tuning your activities and then applying a few simple enhancements. Read these for some quick “how-to” ideas for maximizing the results of your fundraisers.Big Picture Fundraising Tips: 1) Maximize value to maximize results Make this your mantra. More value means more prospects. More value means […]

Getting Media Coverage

When non-profit organizations aren’t out changing the world, they’re appealing to supporters and the public for donations. Fundraising is a constant challenge for non-profit organizations and it’s not because people don’t want to give the money – it’s because people don’t always know that there’s a need. That changes by getting media coverage.Fundraising efforts include […]

Developing A Fundraising Merchant Plan

How to use a fundraising merchant plan to increase your profits. Use a win-win approach to maximize your fundraising success and increase fundraiser donations, get more silent auction items, door prizes, and participant rewards for your fundraisers.What is a fundraising merchant plan? A merchant plan is a step-by-step outline covering the development of a mutually […]

Recruiting Volunteers

More from the multi-part series on fundraiser preparation. This section is about recruiting volunteers and the best ways to handle personnel assignments. Fundraiser Preparation: Recruiting VolunteersStart early As previously discussed, to get enough volunteers you need to start early. The best way to do that is by pre-recruiting them. In other words, go through last […]

Fundraising Benefits

Fundraising Benefits – In fundraising, pay attention to psychological motivation – People always want to know what’s in it for them. Your fundraising benefit must be quickly and clearly explained in terms of “What’s In It For Me”What’s In It For Me?Believe it or not, providing a good answer to the question of “What’s in […]

Fundraising Basics 4

Fundraising Basics – Part 4: Execution – The final part of the fundraising basics series covers the proper execution of your fundraiser. Includes fundraising strategy tips, sales boosters, sales preparation, customer satisfaction and more. Fundraisers do better with proper execution.Now that we’ve covered the basics of being prepared and organized, it’s time to move on […]

Fundraising Basics 3

Fundraising Basics – Part 3: Organization – Successful fundraising requires organization and just one boss. It’s often best to imitate the military hierarchy in staffing your fundraiser.  Article includes recruiting tips, division of labor, and the importance of rewarding your fundraisers.“A prudent person profits from personal experience, the wise one from the experience of others.” […]