10 Tips For Bringing Your Fundraising Event To Life

Fundraising article that will improve your nonprofit group’s performance in your next fundraiser.

Star Wars Fundraiser

Since the best fundraising events are ones with fun themes because they draw big crowds, another fun event idea is to do a Star Wars fundraiser complete with costumes and fun foods. You can adapt the Star Wars theme to gatherings large and small, so this will work for small groups as well as for […]

Wings Of Kilimanjaro Fundraiser

Wings Of Kilimanjaro Fundraiser – On January 27th 2013, an intrepid team of 200 paragliders and their passengers will launch from the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in a fundraising event to raise $1 million dollars for East African charities.  Organized by Australian adventure enthusiast Adrian McRae, their fundraiser activity is called Wings of Kilimanjaro.The sheer […]

Bingo Fundraiser

Everybody loves playing games of chance and winning prizes, so a Bingo fundraiser is an easy moneymaker. This fun event works well for schools, church groups, and nonprofit organizations.Fundraising With Bingo GamesBingo Fundraiser – Getting started A bingo fundraiser is very easy to put together. All you need is a large room with lots of […]

Chinese Auction

Chinese auctions are very similar to silent auctions except they have a raffle component added to the mix. The bidding on items is done by ticket instead of by a written bid.In a Chinese auction, customers buy a number of tickets for a set price, then use the tickets to bid on the items on […]

Golf Fundraiser

A great warm-weather fundraising event is a golf fundraiser. Hosting your own golf tournament is actually fairly easy and if done right, you can raise a significant amount of money. Here are some tips for maximizing your results.Fund Raiser Golf TournamentBig turnout Obviously, the bigger the crowd, the better you’ll do with your tournament. Promote […]

Little League Fundraiser Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas For Youth BaseballLittle League Fundraiser – A sports-related fund raiser for Little League can be a lot of fun for the whole family. Baseball is all about love of the outdoors, so when you are trying to think of a fundraising idea use that to your advantage.A Little League fund raiser that always […]

Jingle Bell Walk

A fun fundraiser for the holiday season is doing a Jingle Bell Walk for your favorite cause. It can be a great fundraising event for a school, church group, medical research, or any other nonprofit group.Raise Funds With A Jingle Bell Walk FundraiserThe basic premise is very simple. You gather a group of people who […]

School Fundraising Event

There’s no argument about the fact that schools need fundraising in order to accomplish their goals. If your school is like most, it’s active in some form of fundraising campaign throughout the entire year. If you don’t already do a school fundraising event, read this add one to your yearly plan.One way to raise big […]

Fundraising Events – Part 3

In the previous articles in this series about fundraising events, I’ve talked about the ongoing search for fundraiser event ideas that:Are easy to doDon’t cost a lotMake a lot of moneyIt’s also been previously mentioned that there are no perfect fundraising events, i.e. one that fits into all three categories.This article follows with further recommendations […]

Fundraising Events – Part 1

Among the fundraising event questions that I hear constantly are:“Which fundraising events don’t cost a lot?” “What ones are easy to do?” “Which ones make the most money?”And what’s the answer to those three questions?It depends!That’s right. There is no one answer, no “one size fits all” solution.Fundraising events vary tremendouslyThese type of fundraisers will […]

Rubber Duck Fundraiser

A rubber duck fundraiser is fun and easy. This type of event is very family-oriented and can be scaled in size to fit your group’s supporter base.Duck races are a unique and profitable event for many charities. The actual event, crazy as it may sound, involves racing rubber ducks down a local waterway, preferably one […]