Successful Fundraising Fundamentals

Fundraising success is all in the fundamentals. Your top priorities should always be to increase community awareness of your group’s fundraising need and your fundraiser offering. Properly addressing these two fundraising fundamentals always produces success for any group.Successful fundraising requires following certain fundamental steps. Here are two things you have to do with every fundraiser:Increase […]

Fundraiser Preparation

No matter what your resources, the key to fundraising success is to compose and follow a plan of action. Your plan must be your own design. It must detail how you will meet your specific needs and achieve your goals.Your plan should identify and combat your weaknesses while leveraging your strengths. It should contain specific […]

The Importance Of Communication In Fundraising

More from the multi-part series on Fundraiser Preparation. This section is about how to communicate both your fundraiser need and your fundraiser offering.Promote your cause A good communication strategy is all about the promotion of your organization’s cause within the community and within the organization. Your plan needs to clearly define how information will flow.Spread […]

Fundraising Basics 2

Fundraising Basics – Part 2: Preparation – Being prepared will make your fundraiser go smoothly. Fundraising preparation means putting everything in writing including your fundraiser goals, staffing plan, sales plan, merchant plan and delivery plan.Put it in writing The more details about your fundraising efforts that are in writing, the fewer instructions you’ll have to […]

Fundraising Basics

Fundraising Basics Part 1 – When you’re doing a fundraiser, you’re actually creating and running a small business on a temporary basis. This section on fundraising basics covers the operational details of running a fundraiser – preparation, organization, and execution. Preparation For FundraisingThe first thing you need to do is to conduct an annual needs assessment […]

Planning A Fundraiser

Looking for tips on planning a fundraiser? Here are some articles covering everything from recruiting volunteers, coordinating events, getting items donated for auctions, and last minute profit tips.These fundraiser planning tips should help you pull off the best fundraiser in your organization’s history by giving you insight into the planning process, the importance of having […]