Capital Campaign Needs

Capital Campaign Needs – A capital fundraising campaign is defined as seeking: “to raise a specified sum of money within a defined time period to meet the varied asset-building needs of the organization,” by Henry A. “Hank” Rosso, a leading figure in the development of the discipline of fundraising.Traditionally viewed as an exercise to raise […]

Youth Group Fund Raiser

In any youth group fund raiser, two big challenges often hinder getting the desired results.1) How do you generate a strong sales response? 2) How do you create an avalanche of demand?These challenges are two sides of the same coin.Tips For Boosting Your Fundraising ResultsThe keys to motivating your sellers and captivating prospective buyers are […]

Church Fund Raising Ideas

Looking for some creative approaches to church fund raising? Here are some ideas to help ranging from simple church fundraisers to capital campaigns and donor recognition. There are also church fundraising ideas for youth groups plus ways to increase revenue from traditional events such as pancake breakfasts and spaghetti dinners.Christian fundraising is a rewarding experience […]

Advice For Capital Campaigns

Capital campaigns fund raising advice and tips on getting the most out of each strategy. Mission statements, writing fundraising letters, donor management & more. Find some solid advice and learn what you need to investigate further.Be sure to check out the article on Fundraising Mission Statements. While that may seem like a no-brainer, you’d be […]

Selecting The Right Fundraiser

Selecting the right fundraiser is the most important decision you’ll make. Among the key factors are the timing of each fundraiser, the quality of the merchandise, selling considerations, delivery considerations, and ultimately, the net profit to your organization.Think of yourself as running a small business building a reputation for innovation and quality products. What are […]

Planning A Fundraiser

Looking for tips on planning a fundraiser? Here are some articles covering everything from recruiting volunteers, coordinating events, getting items donated for auctions, and last minute profit tips.These fundraiser planning tips should help you pull off the best fundraiser in your organization’s history by giving you insight into the planning process, the importance of having […]