Scrub Run Fundraiser

A scrub run fundraiser is another fun walk/run event idea for medical-related causes such as pediatric cancer, Relay For Life, breast cancer research, etc. Most scrub runs – or scrubs run – involve at least some participants wearing hospital scrubs as part of their running gear.A scrub run event usually has several portions – a […]

Bed Race Fundraiser

A bed race fundraiser is another fun fundraising event idea that can raise a lot of money for your cause. Bed races work well as cancer fundraisers or for college groups looking to organize a fun event to raise funds.The premise is fairly simple. Teams compete by pushing hospital beds – complete with a “patient” […]

Fundraising Events – Part 3

In the previous articles in this series about fundraising events, I’ve talked about the ongoing search for fundraiser event ideas that:Are easy to doDon’t cost a lotMake a lot of moneyIt’s also been previously mentioned that there are no perfect fundraising events, i.e. one that fits into all three categories.This article follows with further recommendations […]