Skeet Shoot Fundraiser

Using a skeet shoot fundraiser to raise money is a unique fundraising idea that has a wider appeal then you might think. While many people have never fired a shotgun, that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t want to give it a try, particularly if its a fun event for a good cause.So, step one is […]

Shooting Range Fundraiser

Having a shooting range fundraiser can be a good idea for small groups as it can raise a lot of money while providing a fun and entertaining activity. While the idea of going to a gun range to practice shooting may not appeal to everyone, it can be a good fit for a small group […]

Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Looking for tips on organizing a wine tasting fundraiser? Here are some quick and easy ideas on organizing your fundraising event in order to maximize your proceeds.Wine Tasting Fundraiser EventObviously, a wine-tasting event needs wine experts, so begin by seeking suitable merchant partnerships based not only on expertise, but also access to the best wines. […]

Whiskey Tasting Fundraiser

Hosting a whiskey tasting fundraiser event is a great way for nonprofits to raise funds. An adult evening out learning about the differences between whiskey varieties from local experts is a fun experience. Plus, if it’s done correctly, this type of fundraiser event can generate a lot of revenue.You’ll need a good place to host […]

Masquerade Ball Fundraiser

Hosting a masquerade ball fundraiser is a great way to raise funds because it gives your supporters a fun and glamorous night out with a blend of elegance and mystery. Its essentially a “dress up night” for adults where everyone can dress to the nines, enjoy fine food and wines, dance to some great music […]