Star Wars Fundraiser

Since the best fundraising events are ones with fun themes because they draw big crowds, another fun event idea is to do a Star Wars fundraiser complete with costumes and fun foods. You can adapt the Star Wars theme to gatherings large and small, so this will work for small groups as well as for big charity events.

As a matter of fact, you could also combine the Star Wars theme with other types of fundraising events such as a 5k fun run, golf tournament, bed race, parade, skills competition, obstacle course, or elegant charity ball. For this article though, we’ll stick with the standard fun event format with live music, raffles, auctions, and best costume contest plus good food and beverages.

You can do your Star Wars fundraiser outdoors using the party tent compound layout or do it indoors at a large facility such as a meeting hall, museum, or other large event space. As with any other fundraising event, the first priority to draw the largest possible group of attendees. You do that by publicizing your fundraiser event well in advance with both traditional media outlets and with social media.

With a themed event like Star Wars, the costumes are part of the big draw so recruit some local celebrities as judges and award prizes in as many categories as you can think of. And be sure to provide plenty of photo ops with colorful backdrops. For large events, you can use a professional photographer and raise money by selling photos.

Your main fundraising opportunities are tickets sales, raffles, live and silent auctions, corporate sponsorships, food & beverage sales, and competitive activities. Here are some tips for maximizing your fundraising success:

  1. Tickets – Discount tickets sold in advance because it locks people in to attending, You can also offer group discounts. Bump up your ticket prices by bundling in raffle tickets and food/beverage tickets. Example: Add $25 to the ticket price and include three raffle tickets and two food/beverage tickets with a total additional value of $40.
  2. Raffles – You should offer all five types of raffles because they will appeal to different groups of people and can really raise a lot of money. You can even sell raffle tickets in advance to non-attendees.
  3. Live Auction – An absolute must at big fundraising events, live auctions with a professional auctioneer can easily double, triple, or even quadruple your net results. Have the auctioneer do the raffle drawings and remind everyone to bid on the silent auction items as well. And don’t forget the impact auction where each bid is accepted as a direct donation.
  4. Silent Auctions – A staple at every fundraiser, silent auctions can produce great results if done correctly. Group themed goods and services together, spread your tables out in various high-traffic locations around the perimeter, and stagger the closing times.
  5. Corporate Sponsorships – The really big money at large events is in lining up corporate sponsors. Don’t just go asking for money. You have to sell sponsors on what you can do for them. Approach companies with an affinity for your cause and a synergy with your event. Put together a price list for various sponsorship positions and clearly define what’s in it for them.
  6. Food & Beverage – Lots of ways to make money on this side of the event. Just don’t go overboard with astronomical prices. Include a certain amount with admission ticket and then get creative. You don’t sell beer & wine, you sell tickets for the craft beer competition and the wine tasting tents.
  7. Competitive Activities – People are competitive and like to show off. With a Star Wars fundraising theme, come up with some related competitions like fastest draw (Han Solo style), best light saber fighter, hold a thumb wrestling championship, a weird foods eating contest, and so on.

Basically, you do anything and everything you can to make your fundraising event the best, most fun time ever. And that’s how you do a Star Wars fundraiser.