Spelling Bee Fundraiser

A fun way to raise funds is to put together a spelling bee fundraiser and host it in front of a large crowd. You’ll need to get plenty of publicity to maximize your turnout and provide plenty of ways for people to get involved.

A spelling bee fundraiser is just what it sounds like – a group of people doing their best to spell difficult words in front of a crowd.

So, how do you raise funds during your spelling bee?

Here are five things you need to do:

Spelling Bee Fundraising Event

First, get a commitment from as many local celebrities as possible to compete onstage or at least attend and support your cause.

Second, put out a press release to all the local media outlets announcing your group is raising funds by doing a celebrity spelling bee.

Third, include additional fundraising activities in your plan by lining up donated items for a silent auction, charging admission, conducting a raffle ticket sale for a drawing of valuable door prizes, and asking for additional donations by cash, check, or credit card pledge.

Fourth, line up a fun master of ceremonies to officially pronounce the words and help keep the crowd actively involved in the contest. Break up the spelling bee action into three rounds based on the difficulty of the words. Your emcee can tout the silent auction items available for bid around the room or also conduct a live auction during an intermission between rounds.

Fifth, set your spelling bee rules to get donations aimed at helping a contestant win. Contestants will be asked to spell real spelling-bee words, beginning with an easy list from elementary school and going up through high school level.

If a contestant fails to spell a word correctly, he or she has three options: a do-over can be bought on the contestant’s behalf, a pass to the next round can be purchased, or a table “shout-out” can be bought, where a table in the audience shouts out the answer, and the contestant can choose that answer or try again.

There is also the ultimate save: For a $5,000 donation on a contestant’s behalf, he or she can be given immunity and sent right to the final round.

A spelling bee fundraising event is definitely a fun way to raise funds for any group. Put one together for your group and see for yourself how much fun it can be!