Social Media Publicity Tips

If you want to get more people to your fundraising event, here are some social media publicity tips that will help get the word out. This article doesn’t cover standard publicity methods that you should also be using. You can read more in these two articles here about geting event publicity and getting media coverage that I wrote long ago, back before social media even existed.

Social media publicity tips for your fundraiser event

So with the focus just on social media publicity tips, here are 7 ways you can leverage social media to draw a bigger crowd to your fundraiser event.

1) Define your message – Even though its social media, you still need to communicate the standard information: who,what, when, where, why, and how.

2) Refine your message – You are communicating both your “need” and your “ask.” You need to do that succinctly, i.e. all in one short sentence or buzz phrase.

3) Establish your platforms – Your fundraising event needs its own Facebook page, Twitter feed, Tumblr blog, Pinterest board, and YouTube channel. These should be setup at least one month before your event and preferably much earlier than that. Get the accounts going and keep feeding them new content so you can build Likes, followers, subscribers, etc.

4) Call attention to your message – People have very short attention spans on social media, so you need photos and videos that will grab them right away. This is the viral creative content that social media loves and that will capture people’s attention long enough to get them to visit one of your event’s social media accounts.

5) Leverage your members – Ask each of your group members and volunteers to post event information and links to your event’s social media accounts. They should also be posting your viral creative content so that their friends and followers get your message.

6) Leverage your platforms – Always ask visitors to your social media accounts to take action. By giving a strong call to action to each visitor, you increase the chances of your event information and its buzz phrase message being re-posted, re-tweeted, re-pinned, etc.

7) Use thoughtful reminders – You need to do more than just blast out daily reminder messages on your social media accounts about your upcoming event. Think more along the lines of a “Save the Date” approach in the beginning and then follow-up with media messages about how great your event will be and why people should definitely be there. Use advertising best practices that employ psychological triggers like scarcity, fear of missing out, etc. and then exploit them virally. As your event draws near, build your publicity to a crescendo in the final two days.

This social media publicity tips will help you draw the biggest possible crowd, but don’t ignore the old school press release targeting local media coverage. TV, radio, and newspapers can still out-pull social media.

And one final piece of social media advice: Don’t forget to say thank you! Post your thanks prominently on all your social media accounts and let everyone know how thankful you are for all their help. Give the total dollars raised for your cause and let them know how much you care!