Social Media Fundraiser

This article is not about raising money online through social media sites. This social media fundraiser is a fundraising event idea where you offer skills workshops with hands-on training from subject matter experts to local business people and others who want to learn how to use social media to grow their business.

Social media marketing advice is something that business people are willing to pay for. Whether you call it a seminar or a skills workshop, its an event that will attract a big crowd because there is just so much to learn and it’s constantly evolving.

Social Media Marketing

The good thing about this target market is that they are accustomed to paying subject matter experts for marketing advice. Just because the marketing is being done on social media doesn’t make it less important than their local marketing efforts.

Your event should be geared toward communicating best practices and offer different types and levels of training. Some people will want to just listen to the experts explain everything. Others will want to actually learn how to setup a Facebook fan page for their business, a Twitter account, a Pinterest board, a Google + profile or Local page, etc.

It’s a good idea to plan your social media skills learning fundraiser the same as an all-day convention. You can have large group sessions in the morning where speakers disseminate “big picture” knowledge on each major social media site. Then follow that up with an afternoon offering of multiple one-hour workshops with hand-on training at beginner and intermediate levels.

You can then use the lunch session for some fundraising activities and networking.

Social Media Fundraising Tips

  1. Ticket Sales – Promote heavily and discount advance ticket sales as well as group sales because charging more at the door gets people to commit to coming by buying tickets ahead of time.
  2. Raffles – Include a door prize raffle ticket with the event admission. Cash raffles are also popular and require no advance outlay for buying prizes.
  3. Silent Auction – Use colorful displays to attract attention. Keep offerings on topic with things like gift certificates for advanced training or creation of Facebook pages, etc.
  4. Advanced Training – Partner with your speakers and trainers to sell advanced follow-up training or implementing advanced solutions. Use a revenue sharing model so its a win/win.
  5. Corporate Sponsors – A large event will be worthwhile for seeking out some corporate sponsorships. Consider trading some social media services in exchange for sponsorship support.

Your Social Media Event Bottom Line

There are lots of ways to raise money by providing seminars and skills workshops. Organizing a social media fundraiser event is a great way to fund raise for your cause and make new connections in the business community.

By providing a useful service with an all-in-one place offering that features subject matter experts on something every business owner needs to know more about, you can stake a claim to an annual event that will help your group for years to come.