Snowmobile Fundraiser Rally Goes After World Record

A snowmobile fundraiser rally in Kennebec, Maine is going after the Guinness World Record for the largest snowmobile parade. The current world record of 820 snowmobilers in one rally parade was set in Rousaeu, Minnesota back in 2004.

Snowmobile fundraiser rally

The snowmobile fundraiser rally is set for February 9th as part of an effort to raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Northern New England. The Rangeley World Record Snowmobile Ride will follow a 32-mile course around Rangeley Lake and is open to both local and out-of-state snowmobilers.

Tragically, Rangeley Lake was where three snowmobilers went missing December 31st, 2012. They are believed to have fallen through the ice while riding across the frozen lake during an unusually warm winter in Maine.

When asked about the missing snowmobilers, event organizer James Milligan said, “This is an event to save lives, and we are very sensitive to the lives lost.”

Participants will pay just $10 to join the world record effort., which will be monitored by independent observers to verify the number of riders. A helicopter will be used to take an aerial photo of the group on the trail for additional proof of the world record attempt.

Fundraising events that feature epic challenges or attempts to break world records are becoming more popular. One reason is because it makes them more newsworthy and that by itself will increase the amount raised. Another reason is that it increases the appeal of the event because people like to be part of something bigger than ordinary events. That’s worth considering the next time you are planning a fundraising event and want to do all you can to raise more funds.

Local businesses are also making donations to the snowmobile fundraiser. A post-ride celebration will feature live music as well as additional fundraising activities.