Silent Auction Jewelry Display Ideas

One of the most important silent auction ideas is to display your items properly so they’ll attract top bids. The more expensive the auction item, the greater the need for an eye-catching and attractive display. So what are some good display ideas for jewelry items at your silent auction?

Fundraising consultant and professional auctioneer Sherry Truhlar has some good ideas to share in this guest article. Read her advice below and then check out the other articles with more good advice on how to get the most out of your next auction.

New Silent Auction Ideas for Displaying Your Jewelry

Auction volunteers looking for creative ways to display jewelry in the silent auction will appreciate this approach.

Most often I see necklaces draped over a box. Sometimes it’s the same box the piece will be packaged inside when sent home later with the winning bidder.

Boxes work well enough, but I recently spotted a couple of other silent auction ideas you could use for displays.

Anyone who has heard me speak knows that my background was working in corporate marketing and sales. I’m always pulling concepts from that realm into the auction. This latest inspiration is no exception. In a recent catalog, I spotted a couple of creative displays including a necklace in a large shell and a necklace draped around a vase.

Use shells to showcase jewelry
If you check with your volunteers, surely one has a large scallop shell sitting in their home. A beautiful scallop shell is a lovely way to frame an elegant necklace or bracelet. Curl the necklace into the shell in a serpentine shape or put the clasp area of the necklace into the shell and let the piece randomly curl out from the shell towards the end of your silent auction table.

Similarly I’d bet a conch shell could also be an attractive base for your silent auction display. You could use the nubby and pointy parts of the shell to elevate a ring, bracelet, or other piece.

Using shells to present your jewelry would be especially apropos if your auction theme is related to the beach.

Vases to present valuables
Who doesn’t have a nice vase sitting at home? Let’s put it to work!

A tall vase will allow a long necklace to be displayed vertically. With a bit of tape to secure the necklace around the neck of the vase, your former flower vessel can now serve as a functional and pretty way to set off a long strand of pearls, stones, or glittery diamonds.

If your vase has a long, thin neck, slide a bracelet or a stretchy-banded ring over the top. This type of vase also serves to elevate the jewelry closer to your bidder’s eye-level.

Ultimately, we want to display your donated auction items in their best light. Your guests are visual creatures. When your items are attractively displayed, they look better and become more desirable. This translates into better bids for your items.

For photos of these silent auction ideas for jewelry display in action, visit the link below.

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