Silent Auction Ideas – Balloon Rides

If you’re looking for some good silent auction ideas, offering hot air balloon rides is an easy way to raise lots of money. The neat thing about it is that it won’t cost you anything to include several balloon rides in your silent auction because a company called Fundraising Rides handles everything, including the auction listings and the balloon rides.

Silent Auction Ideas: Balloon Ride

Fundraising Rides works with a company called Soaring Adventures of America, Inc.  to coordinate balloon rides in 200 cities across the country. Everything you need to offer several different hot air balloon rides is included in their silent auction packet, which you can print out online or have mailed to you.

Balloon ride auction table display

The silent auction display kit includes a two-person ride package and a four-person ride package:

  1. Auction display signs
  2. Matching bid sheets
  3. Nationwide ride location list

The minimum bid price is printed on the bid sheets at your cost for each of the rides, ensuring that you will make money on the auction. Non-profit groups receive a discount of 40% off the retail price of the balloon rides and they also include a free single person balloon ride.

One way to raise more funds with the hot air balloon rides is to offer the four-person package as a live auction item. You can also auction off the free hot air balloon ride, use it to reward someone. or include it as an upgrade to another premium bid package in your auction.

Balloon ride cost chart

For 2013, the retail prices for the two-person balloon ride are $400 and the four-person ride package is $800.  As always, prices are subject to change in years to come.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Description

Float for an hour above the treetops and below the clouds. When you land, celebrate with a Champagne Toast or soft drinks. Rides can be taken close to home, or while on vacation. You or the gift recipient can choose from 200 locations. You do not need to choose your location until you are ready to book your flight. Tickets are fully transferable and the ride can be taken anytime in the next 12 months.

Adding the hot air balloon ride packages is one of those great silent auction ideas that don’t cost anything to add to your event, but will definitely help you raise more money. Good luck and Happy Ballooning!