Shooting Range Fundraiser

Having a shooting range fundraiser can be a good idea for small groups as it can raise a lot of money while providing a fun and entertaining activity. While the idea of going to a gun range to practice shooting may not appeal to everyone, it can be a good fit for a small group because its unique and out of the ordinary.

Receiving gun safety lessons and learning how to shoot a pistol are part of the draw for those who have never handled weapons before. For others with previous experience a few hours at the range shooting target practice is an enjoyable outing.

Gun Range Event Is Great For Small Groups

So, how do you raise money with a shooting range fundraiser? Exactly the same way that you do with every other type of fundraising event.

Best Ways To Raise Money
You raise funds three main ways: by selling tickets, negotiating a group discount on goods and services, marking up said goods and services as part of your event pricing, and by doing silent auctions of additional donated items and services solicited from local businesses.

For larger events, you can also make money through food and drink sales, but that requires a larger crowd and more volunteers. For small group events, its best to just skip that step and focus on making sure everyone is having fun.

Why sell tickets up front? Selling event tickets in advance makes it much more likely that people will actually show up for the event rather than making excuses later about why they couldn’t make it.

By getting a group discount from the gun range on rentals, ammo and lessons you are creating a base profit margin while offering these to your group at the regular price. You can expand upon that profit margin by offering various package deals for one fixed price.

An example would be a basic newbie package that includes gun rental, ammunition, and group level gun safety training. An advanced package could include several more practice rounds or a chance to try out more exotic weapons than a standard pistol.

How To Publicize Your Fundraising Event
To reach or exceed your monetary goal, your group also needs to get enough event publicity to attract sufficient attendees. Many groups fail to pay enough attention to this key step. Rather than try to compress a lot of advice into a few paragraphs, read these articles on how to get publicity.

And don’t forget to include social media in your efforts by setting up a group Facebook fan page and Twitter account. Online networking can be surprisingly powerful if done right.

Accepting Donations Online
Be sure to include ways to donate directly to your cause as well as offering your event tickets. There’s a free app called FundRazr that you can use to accept donations on both Facebook and Twitter.

Explaining Your Fundraising Need and Your Offering
When promoting your event, focus on explaining your fundraising need and then your fundraising offering.

Your group’s “need” is the problem that your cause is trying to alleviate, whether its a major need like cancer research or an individual need like helping to pay someone’s medical bills. You have to directly express just how important that need is. And, you have to do it in a way that strikes an emotional chord like tugging on their heart strings.

Your group’s “offering” is the fundraiser event or activity aimed at helping to meet that “need.” The more fun and unique the event is, the more likely people will want to join in and lend a financial hand to your cause.

Silent Auction Tips
The second key step to raising funds and the one with the most financial upside is getting businesses to donate goods and services for your group to offer via silent auction. First of all, you need to have a merchant plan to develop a rapport with business owners because they get approached all the time to give things away to various causes.

Sure, you can rely on the charity of a few business owners that may be close friends with core members of your group, but to really succeed you need lots and lots of donated items to sell. Otherwise, your fundraising event proceeds are strictly limited to ticket sales plus the markup on the goods and services offered at your event.

So, that means doing some advance work developing relationships with merchants and showing them that you have a business proposition for them. You want to help them build their business in exchange for their donating items and services to your cause.

And that “Quid pro quo” is how you get their help.

By planning ahead and following those key steps that I’ve described to increase attendance and maximize revenue, you’ll definitely raise more money. Best of luck with your event fundraiser!