Selecting The Right Fundraiser – Part 2

More tips from our multi-page article about selecting the right fundraiser.

Don’t overdo it
Keep your numbers to two major fundraisers, one in the fall and one in the spring with a possible third one at pre-winter holiday time. Any others should be service or event related like a carnival, a car wash, or an auction. These are usually one-day events and don’t require the same level of support as a full-blown fundraiser.

Beware of profit drains
Watch out for hidden costs when evaluating different plans. Consider things like freight charges, return policy, freshness guarantee, or special needs during delivery like refrigeration.

Break down your decision factors
Break your decision factors into major and minor categories. There are some that are critical such as how much money you need to raise, how much time you have to raise the money, and how many people you have to help reach the goal. Other factors may only influence the decision such as your previous results, community income level, and current enthusiasm level. For ideas on what’s successful, see our Section called The Best Sellers.

Appropriate for your group
Lastly, if your fundraiser involves child participation, remember that kids will be kids! Consider the age appropriateness of what they will be selling, where they will be selling it, and the time they (and their parents) will have to spend to sell it.

While your primary effort is to sell the product and your organizational cause, don’t forget other advantages of your sales force:

  • Kids are cute and people will buy from them.
  • The guilt factor is real and should be used to its advantage. It’s hard to say no to a kid.
  • Don’t let kids sell on the phone. You lose too much of your cute kid/guilt factor advantage.
  • Don’t allow kids to sell door to door alone.

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