Seasonal Fundraisers

What are seasonal fundraisers? They are product sales where your group can benefit from seasonal demand for select products.

Ten ideas for seasonal fundraisers:

Halloween Pumpkin Patch
Fall is a big season for fundraising and Halloween presents a great opportunity to host a Pumpkin Patch fundraiser. Line up a roadside site, decorate it with some hay bales, and display your pumpkins on a bed of straw. Extra profit tip: Buy pumpkins in bulk from a grower or at the local farmer’s market.

Thanksgiving Turkeys
Selling turkeys for Thanksgiving is an easy way to raise funds. Line up a wholesale source, put together an order form and brochure, then start taking orders. Do a bulk purchase with the money from the prepaid orders and arrange a pickup day. Extra profit tip: Charge a little extra if you have to make deliveries.

Christmas Trees & Wreathes
The holiday season offers lots of opportunities to sell seasonal products. You can order Christmas trees from a wholesaler or grower and run your own sales stand. Or, you can do an order-taker sale and offer various wreathes and different-sizes of trees. Extra profit tip: Sell more wreathes by showing samples.

Citrus Fruit & Poinsettias
Late fall is a great time to do an order-taker fundraiser for fresh citrus fruit and holiday flowers. Potted holiday plants like poinsettias have huge profit margins and while the margins aren’t as good on citrus fruit, the large order size means good profits from every customer. Extra profit tip: Save on freight with a full truckload order and buy poinsettias from wholesale nurseries.

Valentines Day Roses
This holiday is all about showing appreciation for loved ones and roses are a great product to offer. They can be chocolate roses, boxes of gourmet candy, or the traditional dozen roses in various colors. Extra profit tip: Line up a wholesale supplier in California and lock in your pricing before taking orders because prices on fresh flowers can skyrocket at the last minute.

Spring Flowers
Another great seasonal fundraiser is selling flower bulbs in the early Spring. Several suppliers offer pre-order brochures with colorful pictures and exotic choices. Extra profit tip: Offer discounts on orders above $50 because people will then buy more than they planned just to get the discount.

Spring Home & Garden
Other Spring fundraising items to offer include deliveries of pine straw or mulch by the truckload, one-gallon sized flowering shrubs, five-gallon sized decorative trees, and other home & garden supplies. Extra profit tip: Work with a wholesale nursery and charge extra for delivery.

Mother’s Day Gifts
Mother’s Day is one of the best holidays to fund raise by offering pre-order gift selections such as jewelry. The key is working with a high-end supplier with quality items and getting your orders in well ahead of deadlines. Extra profit tip: Flower arrangements in creative containers are also big sellers.

Fourth of July Fireworks
This is a great way to fundraise because suppliers will line up the location, put up a sales tent, stock it with fireworks, and give you 50% of total sales. All you have to do is supply salespeople for the week before the Fourth of July. Extra profit tip: Book early to get a good location like a Wal-Mart parking lot.

Summer Pizza
This is a great one for swim clubs and other youth sports groups to sell because everyone orders a lot of pizza in the summertime. You can get two-for-one pizza discount cards for $2 or less and sell them for $10. Available choices include Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, and Dominos. Extra profit tip: Sell the discount cards at tables outside grocery stores, drug stores, Wal-Mart, etc.

So, there you have it, ten high-demand seasonal products for your next fundraiser.