Scrub Run Fundraiser

A scrub run fundraiser is another fun walk/run event idea for medical-related causes such as pediatric cancer, Relay For Life, breast cancer research, etc. Most scrub runs – or scrubs run – involve at least some participants wearing hospital scrubs as part of their running gear.

Scrub Run Fundraiser

A scrub run event usually has several portions – a 1K walk for families & children, a fun run for non-athletes, and a competitive 5K for dedicated runners. Some groups even include a pet walk portion that can really broaden the event’s appeal.

You can also make your scrub run fundraiser as big or as small as you want. Don’t be afraid to start small with your first one because this is an easy event to grow over time turn it into an annual “must” for local runners.

The most important thing to remember is to make your event fun and give people plenty of things to do afterwards. Think live music, barbecue competitions, children’s play area, beer/wine tastings, and local radio or TV personalities as emcees and participants.

Consider adding a zombie walk or a doughnut eating competition or celebrity spelling bee for cheaters. The more fun your event is the more funds you’ll raise and the bigger the crowd will be the next year!

10 Scrub Run Fundraiser Tips

  1. Have a good event plan – Here’s how to organize a fundraising run/walk event.
  2. Use corporate sponsorships – Here’s how to get more corporate sponsors.
  3. Maximize the fun – Add a zombie run or another one of these 25 fun fundraiser ideas.
  4. Raise as much money as possible – Here are 12 ways to raise more money at your event.
  5. Get the word out months ahead – Here’s how to get publicity & promote on social media.
  6. Raffles raise big bucks – Here’s how to raise $10k with a grocery shopping spree raffle.
  7. Hold a fun auction – Auction off people, services, excursions, vacations, etc. Here’s 101 auction donation sources.
  8. Add a live auction – Pro auctioneers can bring in big bucks. Here’s how to pick an auctioneer.
  9. Hold a purse auction – Women love purses & bargains. Here’s how to do a purse auction fundraiser.
  10. Use consignment auction items – Here’s how to get really cool stuff on consignment to auction.

So, don’t be afraid to dive in to setting up your very own scrub run fundraiser. You can pair it with a hospital bed race, or any other fun activity you can think of that won’t get people hurt, and raise lots of money for your cause.