Scrip Fundraising

Scrip fundraising offers non-profit organizations the opportunity to raise funds without asking anyone to spend a penny more than they already do.

Scrip is currently used to raise funds by private and public schools, religious organizations, service organizations, sports and athletic clubs, charities and childcare centers.

Instead of asking people to spend additional money on items they may not want or need, scrip enables people to help your fundraising efforts while they make their normal purchases.

Scrip fundraising overview

Scrip fundraising is pretty straightforward. Scrip is merely “substitute money.”

Your group takes orders for gift certificates from your supporters and buys them at a discount from local or national merchants.

Scrip, in the form of gift certificates from local and national merchants, is then used just like cash in their stores or on their websites.

When these certificates are purchased in advance of shopping, your organization earns a percentage of every purchase eventually made with scrip.

These local and national merchants contribute 2 to 25 percent of everything purchased with scrip by your supporters. Over time, these percentages can add up to a considerable amount.

Private schools also use scrip fundraising as a tuition offset program. Here, the percentage earned from scrip expenditures with participating merchants is earmarked to reduce tuition costs. This gives families an extra incentive to participate.

Scrip fundraiser types

Scrip fundraising is usually done by taking orders for future delivery of scrip (generically printed gift certificates) usable at major retailers and restaurants.

A scrip fundraiser is sometimes done as an overlay to a regular catalog fundraiser or via a fundraising table at an event.

It also works particularly well for high school fundraisers. It can be done year round with a scrip coordinator or handled via a take-home order form.

Some groups have setup their websites to handle scrip sales as well. This automates the process by allowing your supporters to use credit cards online and have the merchant certificates mailed directly to them.