Scratch Card Fundraising

Scratch card fundraising is one of the easiest fundraisers for youth sports teams and school groups. The basic premise of a scratch card fundraiser is simple.

Instead of selling a product, you ask supporters to scratch off a dot on a scratch card and then donate the amount revealed. In return, they receive a sheet of valuable coupons for supporting your fundraising effort.

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Scratch Card Designs
Scratch cards come in more than thirty different booklet designs including baseball, football, cheerleading, soccer, softball, band, and dozens more.

Cards are personalized with the name of your group on the cover and can even include a custom group logo for an additional fee.

Each booklet has two side flaps and folds into a convenient 4″ x 6″ pocket size. A tear-off pad of coupons is attached to the middle flap.

Raising Funds
A scratch card fundraiser provides an easy way to ask for a small donation to support your team or activity. The average donation amount is around $2 with each completed card raising $100 in donations.

Each donor receives a coupon sheet packed with discount offers from top merchants that are valued at up to $100. There’s a coupon for 35% off on movie tickets, a free sub from Quiznos, a two-for-one meal deal from A&W, $3 off on an oil change from Jiffy Lube, and much more.

The valuable coupons make it easy for each seller to get a lot of donations because of the high perceived value of the coupons. After all, what adult wouldn’t give a kid a few dollars when they could easily save twice that much by using just a couple of the coupons?

Sales Tips
There’s an art to asking other people for money to support your cause. You need to do these three things:

1- Smile and look them in the eye. Hold out your scratch card booklet while doing this.

2 – Ask for their help and state why you are raising funds. Example: Can you help us with a small donation for new uniforms?

3 – Use the word “because” since it is powerful psychological trigger word that subconsciously motivates people to answer your request for help. Example “Can you help us with a small donation for new uniforms because the old ones are worn out?

Doing a scratch card fundraiser is easy and convenient because there are no products to deliver. Plus, the coupons reward donors for their support and that makes the kids feel good about their fundraising activity.

With a 90% profit margin, scratch cards are hard to beat for sports team fundraisers. Take some time and evaluate their appeal. You’ll be positively surprised at how successful scratch card fundraising can be!