Scrapbooking Fundraiser

Putting together a scrapbooking fundraiser is a fun way to raise funds for your school, church, or nonprofit group. You can make this fundraising event as large or as small as you want, depending on the space you have available and the amount of money you want to raise.

You will need a large meeting room with plenty of tables so that each scrapbooker can have enough workspace to complete their scrapbook. You will also need plenty of scrapbooking experts to provide demonstrations and hands-on training for the attendees.

Scrapbooking Fundraising Ideas

Plan on your scrapbooking event to be an all-day affair and be sure to provide plenty of food, starting with a light breakfast and a substantial lunch selection. If you elect to move beyond the standard 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. range and go for a full twelve-hour day of scrapbooking, then you’ll need to provide dinner as well.

Charge a registration fee commensurate with the service level you are providing. Many groups charge a registration fee of $40 for an eight-hour event or $50 & up for a twelve-hour session led by a talented instructor.

Some groups will even run their scrapbooking event on back-to-back days so they can serve an even larger number of attendees. Using an online registration form is a great timesaver for everyone.

Work with local scrapbooking supply stores to find good teachers and trainers. Most suppliers will arrange special event pricing for all the materials your attendees will need to get to started.

To raise sufficient funds with your scrapbooking fundraiser event, aim for several hundred attendees. That means you’ll need at least a dozen volunteers and lots of publicity to get the word out. Rather than expound at length here about the organizational aspects of putting everything together, here are some good articles on recruiting volunteers, organizing a charity event, and getting publicity for your fundraising event.

As with any type of fundraising event, there are many ways to raise funds beyond the registration fee. You can sell scrapbooks and decorative materials to your attendees. You can sell vendors booth space around the main room where they can offer their wares to the crowd. You can even provide on-site massages to those needing a break from all their hard work.

Keep things upbeat during the day by offering hourly drawings for donated door prizes. If you can attract some high-quality donated goods or services, you can also offer those through a silent auction process.

Another great way to raise more funds at an event is to sell raffle tickets and then make the grand prize drawing an integral part of the event. And don’t forget that with a raffle, you can sell tickets for several weeks ahead of the event and that the winner does not necessarily have to be present to win.

Remember when promoting your event that you should always let people know that donations are welcome. If you don’t ask for donations, then you won’t get any.

Add lots of fun decorations, provide lots of hands-on instruction, and do everything you can to make your event a truly memorable experience.

And that’s how you put together your scrapbooking fundraiser.